My SanRenSei Games

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4875a8542bbc3d36872b732d014832ab202a40e5984_120x120On my own I played now more than 300 games purely in San-RenSei style (as white and black) on Korean Go servers Tygem (as 10 kyu) and Wbaduk (as 11kyu) where I began playing in July 2014.

If you are interested in challenging me on a 19×19 board, pls leave a notice (reply), and we arrange a concrete date to play asap. 🙂

Some princips I follow generally:

– board size: 19×19
– playtime: minimum 45 minutes (so calculate less 90 min having enough time frm both side)
– bioyomi: 5 x 20 sec
– rules: Japanese | komi: 6.5
– handicap: No handi stones, neither for me nor for my opponents as I see it more as a negative hurdle to realize own “global strategy”.

I play SanRenSei as white too… if you have a lower rank than mine, you can take black to have one move ahead as compensation (instead of handi stones).

Tks for your interess in SanRenSei 🙂 Feel free to challenge me… and lets have fun with GO ! 😉


P.S.: If you should have lack of time on your own we can setup online a game as “correspondence game” on INGO or OGS“, with one move / day. I dont play good if a c-game is going over many months… max period should be 4-6 weeks.
Feel free to post here your own games in SanRenSei style ! – Tks & Have fun with GO !


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