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(Live) Broadcasting via WebTV…

  • 1st address of (live) broadcasting 24hx7d in HD quality is BadukTV (regularly in Koran language) for WebTV on Desktops and apps. In May 2012 BadukTV started global streaming website. In September 2012, BadukTV gave access to viewers of North America and Europe by the comfort of its IPTV platform (wkntv). The services are fee based (rates per day/month/year). For registrated users the live channel is free for 2 minutes preview.
    BadukTV produces more than 1,200 programs annually and focuses on live broadcastings (with commentaries), widening and heightening the quality within various major events, competitions and tutorial programs. BadukTV has a coverage of more than 13 million household alone in Korea.
    BadukTV-live-board Watch-Baduk-TV-live-commentary
    BadukTV has a huge database for VoD (Video on demand) which is fee based, too.  Some videos are offered in English (cost free) via BadukTV’s Youtube Channel with some introduction vidoes by Shawn Ray.
  • EuroGoTV (NL) was born in 2007 with the idea to provide modern coverage of the events and news of the ancient exciting game of Go. EGTV has several departments: NewsSGF storageVideos (tournaments, videoreports, interviews), Photos (tournaments) and Live TV.EuroGoTV targets at to deliver all the important European tournaments and games live. EGTV has started a new “norm” for camera angles with the focus on the players face and body language instead of filming a boring view of a board.
    Disappointing to say, as announced on Facebook on 27th May 2015, EuroGoTV is history. Pls read This is THE END… statement . After 8 years the EuroGoTv services have ended.
  • Battousai (5Dan AGA) is offering since November 2014 his new Dwyrin.TV (official website) with live streaming on Twitch.TV (beside his Youtube channel where you can find many teaching games he produced over the last years)..
  • Michael Wanek is another go player from USA (4 Dan AGA / 2 Dan KGS) who is live streaming irregularly his studies and playing sessions on Tygem via Twitch.TV. There his old Channel shortly has changed to “Bad at Baduk“. What a destructively name, isnt ?
  • The Go teacher Jonathan Markowitz (5d OGS) is broadcasing on his Twitch.TV lectures aka Meepsie about Go game.
  • Yunxuan Li (6D / AGA)  started broadcasting on Twitch.TV his HeisenDrake channel in October 2014 along with Justin Teng (6D / AGA aka odnihs / KGS and former president of the American Go Honor Society), e.g. for commenting the final of the 2014 Young Lions North American Youth Go Championship (17th Nov).
  • Nick Sibicky (4Dan , AGA) and his GO lectures are probably the biggest video source for Go students. Nick is a (semi-)professional Go teacher at the uniquely Seattle Go Center,  musician and game developer. He is close to his 200th video (end of May 2016). His formats cover the whole range from very essentiallly basics to reviews of Pro games, e.g. those of beloved Takemiya Masaki (Japan, 9 Pro Dan). The clips are very enjoyable as Nick spreads out the spirit and mood to have lots of fun with Go.

BadukTV Reviews in November 2014: Jubango 2014 (Gu Li vs. Lee Sedol) – Round 1 of 10 Matches
with commentary of Hugarian Go Pro Diana Koszegi (1PD) and Ray Shawn (4D)
10473753_1551840071718195_3350693838944497427_n 1512449_1551840235051512_5958953846458293956_n 10423873_1551840168384852_8291930130267461838_n 522077_1551840125051523_9191194309160745756_n
(Sourc: 14th November 2014 – English BadukTV @ Facebook)
  • Haylee’s World of Go/Baduk… this young YT channel started on 14th October 2014 with its first episode documenting high ranked games being played mostly on Tygem… with live commentaries. Meanwhile (end of May 2016) it counts episode No. 133. Probably it is the best growing live stream which attracts up to more than 400 Go players from around the globe each live session. Behind this format is Lee Ha-jin, 3 Pro Dan player from Korea. Since summer 2014 she is best known worldwide as General Secretary for the IGO – International Go Association. Shortly (in February 2016) she published her first book “Outside the Board – Diary of a Professional Go player“.
    Haylee developed during last 1 1/2 years different formats beside the original “Live Go commentary series” like Live Go Club, Live Go Problems and (weekly) Go Book Reviews. You get the game database on her English website in Netherlands, here: Haylee Database.
  • In Sente… a YT channel by Michael Gallucci being streamed since July 2015. Michael Gallucci, himself a kyu player (5k KGS / 1D Tygem) likes to share and document his own learning process which might be of benefit for other students of lower and midth level.

Please leave a comment about new media sources and broadcastings with direct link ! – Thank you.


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  1. Wanek stopped posting and streamcasting ,,, two dead links.


    Posted by Larry H | May 29, 2016, 4:41 pm


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