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SanRenSei / Cosmic Style: Takemiya Masaki vs. Cho CHikun (1985)

A free video (+ free download) with a review (being produced by BadukMovies.TV/Netherlands) about an interesting San-Ren-Sei style played end of January 1985 by Takemiya Masaki (as black in big moyo and for influence) vs. Cho CHikun (as white playing for territory)…

It is the 2nd game of the 9th Kisei final. – Takemia won by resigning. (Source: “My Friday night files: Games of Cho Chikun against Takemiya Masaki“)

1985-01-30-9th-Japanese-Kisei-2nd-Title-Match-Takemiya-Masaki-9p-black-Cho-chikun-9P-white  2nd-Game-9th-Kisei-1985

Overview of all final games 1-7 (9th Kisei, 1985):

  1. 1985-01-16 9th Kisei Final, Game 1 (B, B+7.5, 238 moves)… SGF review see Eidogo | OGS
  2. 1985-01-30 9th Kisei Final, Game 2 (W, B+R, 109 moves)… SGF review see Eidogo | OGS
  3. 1985-02-06 9th Kisei Final, Game 3 (B, W+R, 204 moves)… SGF review see Eidogo | OGS
  4. 1985-02-20 9th Kisei Final, Game 4 (W, W+0.5, 271 moves)… SGF review see Eidogo | OGS
  5. 1985-02-27 9th Kisei Final, Game 5 (B, W+R, 174 moves)… SGF review see Eidogo | OGS
  6. 1985-03-13 9th Kisei Final, Game 6 (W, W+4.5, 261 moves)… SGF review see Eidogo | OGS
  7. 1985-03-19 9th Kisei Final, Game 7 (W, W+1.5, 159 moves)… SGF review see Eidogo | OGS

(Rec.: Here the video introduction with Young-Sun’s review of the 2nd game mentioned the year 1980. Its not correct. Sorry, Young-Sun and BadukMovies TV. 🙂 * )


The commentator is Young-Sun Yoon (Korean 8Dan Pro) living in Hanseatic City Hamburg (North Germany). Its one of her favorite games she studied when she was young.

The video and download link: https://badukmovies.com/episodes/cho-vs-takemiya

Tks to Baduk Movies (Netherlands) for this recording.  


*) In 1980 Takemia Masaki and Cho Chikun played some different games, e.g. for the 35th Honinbo League, 3rd JAA Cup, 13th Hayago Championship and the 5th Meijin League. Last one they played on 8th May 1980. White (Cho Chikun) won by resignation. The game is this (also see SGF review on Eidogo | OGS):

1980-05-08-5th Japanese Meijin-league-Takemiya-Masaki-Cho_Chikun-print

( Printable game record: www.go4go.net )


(free) Apps for Go Problems (Tsumego/Life & Death)

different times newbees freshly registrating on Go servers like OGS or KGS come up with the question about sources for Tsumego training…. part of Go problems (life & death) – http://senseis.xmp.net/?LifeAndDeath

specificly about Tsumego… http://senseis.xmp.net/?Tsumego%2FTraining

Training Tsumegos helps to keep (or get) your Go mind flexible, it gives beginners an understanding how stones and moves can collaborate to neutralize attacks threatening enclosed groups and help a deeper (pre-)reading about tricky situtations.

Just playing wont give a beginner a deeper feeling and idea about what an opponent with higher skills might use a set of stones or single moves, tools like KO or Seki to kill or less neutralize a group especially beginners expected to be alive with.

There are great websites for Go problems, e.g. http://www.goproblems.com, http://www.ootakamoku.com and others (more links here:http://senseis.xmp.net/?ProblemsAndExercises ).

Personally I prefer apps on a smartphone, as you can have some nice **Tsuemgo problems** with you, e.g. as “Go problem of the day”.

Here some I have installed. Personally I use a Samsung Galaxy with Android. All apps are cost free !

– First of all my favorite, its Wbaduk with more than 2,000 problems. You get access to this hugeTsuemgo database with a cost free online account too ( http://www.wbaduk.com/ ) as on Wbaduk often are live streamed games of High Dan Professionals (e.g. Jubango 2014 with Gu Li and Lee Sedol).

Rec.: The 2,000 Tsumegos are structured in different difficulty levels and for grades (kyu and dans)…
wbaduk-2 wbaduk-1

Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wbaduk

– My 2nd favorite is Tsumego Pro (Go Problems). It delivers for every day 6 new Tsuemgo problems, “easy”, “medium” and hevy” (each 2). Lots of fun to take these challenges…
Tsumego ProGo Problems0   Tsumego ProGo Problems1

Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.lrstudios.android.tsumego_workshop

– Shortly installed ANDROID GO Problems, so yet I have no deeper experience with… the menue isnt immediatelly to understand. So needs some “try and error” clicks to understand the function.
Android-Go-problems Android-Go-Problems-2

Download link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.newhuman.android.goproblems&hl=en

Go Free is the most exotic design (very traditionally), inclusive a GO computer (not the best like Zen or Crazystone) on different board sizes (19×19, 13×13, 9×9)
GoFree2 GoFree1
Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=uk.co.aifactory.gofree&hl=en

– Another app is simple named Tsumego, but I have some troubles to handle it well. Maybe its just my personal expectation. I expect from an app, that I can understand the menu intuitively, and not reading lots of “thick handbooks”.
tsumego1  tsumego2  tsumego3
Download link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.goro.tsumego

There are some more Go apps you can find on Google Play for playing and training Go, e.g. WeGoLite, ElyGolite, Hactar Go Lite, Go Joseki, Go Tesjui, Go strategic move or Online Go. Give it a try and feedback about (+) and (-)

If you know about other apps, e.g. for iPhones (iTunes), feel free to post it in this thread. 🙂Have fun with GO !

The future of OGS: VOICE Recognition (conceptual idea)

Wouldnt it be great, if you can keep away your hands from the mouse and still playing GO on OGS or any other GO server ? I dont mean a touch screen version for your desktop. More simple it goes from user’s side. – And the technology now is available.

Why not using what we are born with to play GO virtually ? Just taking your voice and we are guided by voice recognition through the menue of OGS’s frontend. You might think, thats impossible… but its not. The future already has begun

No way… since the Google I/O 2014 on Wednesday (25th June) Voice control will help smart phone owners with Android as OS to navigate through their menues while car driving…. (see fully article here: “*Behind The Wheel With Google’s Android Auto*” – http://goo.gl/vCmCBL ). More than 40 of the world leading automative brands have commited to install Google Auto. Its no more prototyping.

Google-IO-Android-Auto-2 (1)
Google-IO-Android-Auto-4 (1)

More, it can attract OGS (or any other GO Server) and the Go game to handicaped people who are blind by accident, illness or birth. You still might think, thats impossible ?

No way… Blind Go players already exist and have lots of fun behind the haptic Go board (see pict).

1459672_544263258984033_125599561_n (1)

So why not creating an interface by “voice control/recognition” as app for OGS to announce the different moves, e.g. move No. 1 – black – coordinate C3, move No. 2 – white – coordinate Q4 etc. …). And the blind player sets all stones on the handicap board so he knows exactly all positions of all moves. Very simple…

Nearby 40 million people are blind worldwide, from 285 million people. 246 have low vision. 82% of people living with blindness are aged 50 and above. (Source: WHO – http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs282/en/ )

Isnt it a positive vision, if (OGS or any other GO server) gives these people access to playing Go online ?

What is your style in GO playing? Free test

just click here and you can test your style in a moment 。。。


Rec.: The test was compiled by Alexander Dinerchtein, 1-dan professional (“breakfast” on KGS)

about my own  s  t  y  l  e  test result: 

> Your Go style is **flexible**: you can play for territory as well as for influence.
> Usually you make such decisions according to the whole-board situation or the playing style of your opponent.
> You may force him to choose the strategy he hates. For example, if he likes moyos, you can play for influence yourself, just for making him angry.
> Your Go style is actually the best one.
> You may improve your Go by studying different things, but I suggest paying attention on yose and positional judgment.

I like the result, I have thought about myself, that I play more cchaotic… so nice to notice, that it is seen by a high dan as something positivley… less it encourages me to keep going in my Go studies. – LinuxGooo

Go in Movies: Arang And The Magistrate (2012, South Korea)

(06-25/2014) – GO playing in the korean movie “Arang And The Magistrate“(Hangul: 아랑사또전; hanja: 阿娘使道傳; RR: Arangsatojeon; also known as Tale of Arang)…

starts at 10:10

Turkey: BIBA Summer Camp 2014 (18th-25th July)

just came in…

Greetings Dear Go Friends,

Our preparations for the 2014 Turkish Go Camp are complete. This year the camp will be taking place in Çıralı, Antalya. As usual we will be hosting Kim Seung-jun (Blackie) and Diana Koszegi but as a surprise we will also have some of their students at BIBA (Kim Seung-jun’s go school in Korea, Blackie’s International Baduk Academy, see more on FB: http://goo.gl/LqcwbP ). So we have practically teamed up with BIBA joining the TGOD (Turkish Go Players’ Association) Summer Go Camp with BIBA Summer Camp. Further more we are expecting many high level Chinese, Japanese and Korean players along side some players from Europe. We are anticipating the camp to be both entertaining and educating for all participants.

As this year’s camp will be between the 18th and 25th of July -right before the European Go Congress- Blackie and Dia are preparing workshops targeted at players 5 kyu and above as a training program for the EGC Main Tournament. The fee for the workshops will be determined by and directly paid to the teachers. TGOD will also be organizing workshops for players 5 kyu and weaker free of charge.

Accommodation options and their fees shall be as below*:

Emin Pansiyon – Bungalows with bathroom and air conditioner. 90TRL ppn 2 person room, 70TRL ppn 3 person room.
Off Road Camping – Kapsül (no bathroom – like a tree house but smaller) 60TRL ppn for 2.
Off Road Camping – Tent 50TRL ppn

*All fees include breakfast and diner.

All fees are directly from their respective places and do not include any hidden fees or commissions for TGOD. We would like to kindly urge our members and participants to make donations to the Association as it will greatly enhance our input to the Camp.

Please make note that places are limited as we have reserved 13 rooms from Emin Pansiyon and 30 places from Off Road Camping. Transportation from Antalya to Çıralı may be provided on request.

If you would like to participate, please email Gözde Taşkın (gozdetaskin@gmail.com) stating your date of arrival, date of departure, accommodation preference, transportation requirement and which workshops interest you.

We’re looking forward to seeing everybody in July!

(P.S.: You can contact Diana Koszegi directly, who is one of the 1P teachers (and co-owner of BIBA via FB: https://www.facebook.com/diana.koszegi.52 )

Pictures: Hong Kong team was in BIBA. Blackie is reviewing the game between Vanessa Wong and Cho Wang-gyu. One stone handicap. Vanessa was Black.

Bat’s lecture: San-RenSei (part 1 and 2)

Here two interesting videos from Bat’s lecture series about how powerful San-Ren-Sei can be ! 🙂

San-Ren-Sei (part 1)…

San-Ren-Sei (part 2)…

Go Camp in Istanbul (12th-14th July 2014)

If you should visit Turkey in July, bookmark the GO Camp in Istanbul, taking place on 12th and 13th July 2014…


More details: https://www.facebook.com/events/1433693566895993/

GO playing in Turkey

What about the GO Game in Turkey ?

Go game = Go Oyunu in Turkish… as German(-Bavarian-Polish), and mostly as German naturally over decades I had steady contact with our Turkish neighbours who immigrated to Germany already in the 60th… to develope a totally bombed country after end of 2nd world war into an export world champion and high industrialized country. – Nearby 2 million (of 82) have Turkish background nowadays living in Germany as 3rd or 4th generation, the strongest ethnical group.

I love yummiee Turkish food (Kebab, Lahmazun (Turkish Pizza) or very sweet Baklava (desert))… and Turkish music (especially the SAZ). The mentality of Turkish people I like a lot… in my quarter in Hanseatic City Hamburg very often I go shopping in Turkish supermarkets. Turkish Joghurt (Ayran), little bit salty is very refreshing and Lamb meat bought from Turkish butcher is the best. The Doener Kebab Grill round corner is my surviving guarantee, with the owner since many years I am ain good friendship.


Turkey is a wonderful country for summer holidays. Very friendly people (in tendency), wonderful coasts in the Medditeranian Sea still warm you can swim till late October, and crazy taxi hell drivers.
I have been in Turkey different times for my (former) profession as skipper of sailing yachts, cruising along Turkish coasts. Best I know the region around Antalya, Marmaris and the Cyclades (sea area between Greek islands and Turkish South West coast).

I have friends in Turkey… one of my best is a Turkish film maker and writer living in Istanbul, which is the bridge between Europe and Asia. Its a huge growing mega city with now round about 14 million inhabitants.

Turkey goes through difficult times with a regime under Erdogan who surpresses heavily democracy. But I have the confidence, that the 80 million Turkish inhabitants will find a way to have a more peacefully living together.

Its astonishing, that GO receives high attraction in Turkey these days… being learnt and played from young and elders… here some pics I collected which document this increasing interests.

(Rec.: It might give OGS some motivation to setup the whole website in Turkish, even most of the young Turkish people have excellent English skills.)

GO board in a Turkisch school yard…

Playing GO late night at 11:00 pm in a Cafe in Istanbul…

GO Summer Academy on Turkish beach

Turkish seniors playing 13×13

Turkish Go match…

GO Tournament in Ankara*** (17th-18th May 2014, 9. Ulusal Hacettepe Go Turnuvası)

Turkish contacts with Go players in Thailand…

Feel free to post more infos about GO Oyunu in Turkey… 🙂


Shukaku Takagawe’s book. “The Vital Points in GO” (Video tutorial)

… as pure beginner, often I heard the advice: just play, play, play (and loose your first 1,000 games) *laugh*.

Personally I like studying in my own way… means, I like to talk with experienced GO players and learn from them.. I like a lot reviews of games (not only my own ones)… I like to study fuseki and tsumego (meanwhile I like it a little bit but still cracks my head with “life and death” situations), and after playing my first tournament (KIDO CUP) I fell in love with competitive playing too as the Go community is great.

And I like big Go players like Takagawe Taku (known as Shukaku Takagawe – http://senseis.xmp.net/?TakagawaKaku ) who wrote different books in ENG.

Here a good video tutorial I found today about Shukaku’s book “The Vital points of Go“…

part 1…

(PS: All other parts pls go to the YT channel directly.)

GO SEIGEN celebrates today his 100th birthday.. Congrats!

Happy 100th birthday to master Go Seigen / 吴清源 !


Congrats… and a deep bow. I still have 50 years and 4 days to celebrate such an impressive anniversary… plenty of time to reformat my brain into a Go grid…


Is it GO that GS became 100 ? Playing Go can help to reduce the risks for Alzheimer and Demencia, I suppose… 🙂

Back from KIDO CUP 2014 (7th-9th June)… what an amazing experience… :-)

just a short hello of now.. I am still alive after going through my 3 days tournament (7 rounds)… what a beautiful experience I will present later some more pics and infos about… just for now a short snap whom we had as guest players, lecturers, reviewing games, Rengo, Simultan and others… *sorry, not the best pic (I’d needed a ladder* Group-Photo-09062014-3 The KIDO CUP ended after the prize ceremony with a snap for nice memories with wonderful Go players/teachers on high level… 3rd row (f.l.t.r.): In-Seoing Hwang with wife Semi – 2nd row (f.l.t.r.): Kim Young Whan (9P), Seo Neung Uk (9P), Yoon Young Sun (8P), Kang Seung He (2P) – 1st row (f.l.t.r.): Park Ji Eun (9P), Park Jang Hee (5D, Sponsor with Kido Industrial Co.), Martin Stiassny (president of EGF/European Go Federation), Kim Hyo Jung (2P), Ha Ho Joeng (3P) (@copyright: Linuxgooo)


My last (an best) game I played on Monday (9th June) in 7th round I was happy with (see the sgf transcription attached), even I lost as black with 24.5 points (inclusive Komi) against a 7k (KGS) with my yet very low rank of 15k (KGS).


(for individual reviews / SGF download the game is available on Eidogo | OGS)

Only some points I missed to make the win by my (global) strategy as I didnt block white’s invasion into left side effectivly on F10 (which costed me alone 25 points). I admit, I was too greedy so GO let pay one the prize fairly – As I began Go playing 4.5 months ago now KIDO Cup (as my first tournament ever) was a uniquely and positivly experience I wish , every Go player can experience in his life of playing. Its a concrete proof of own skills. (Rec.: I lost 1:6 as total result, But knowing, that I could have won less 3 games if I’d have avoided some few own mistaked missing concentration gives me confidence and the motivation to keep going my GO studies.)

PS: Tks to Francisa and VincentCB (both on OGS) for their reviews.

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