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Febr-March 2015: 20th Professional Pair Go Championship (Nihon Ki-in, Tokyo)…


Tournament Outline

16 pairs of male and female professional Go players who represent the Japanese Go world will play tournament games, and in the 4th round, the winning pair will be decided.

player_e tournament_e

Games from the 1st round to the semifinal round will be played at the Nihon Ki-in, and there will be commentaries using a large demonstration board. The final game will be played in the studio of IGO & SHOGI CHANNEL and broadcast (via Satellite TV) at a later date, also see Youtube Channel.


The winning pair will be awarded the title of “Professional Pair Go Champions“, a trophy, and prize money.


This is a four-round knockout tournament (see upper scheme), with pairings in the first round made by drawing lots. All games are played on even, with Black giving a komi of 6.5 points. The time allowance is 30 seconds per move plus ten minutes of thinking time, to be used in one-minute units.


Date February 14 (Sat) 2015 March 2015 *
Round Round 1 / Round 2 / Semifilnals Final
Selection number 16 pairs / 32 players
8 pairs / 16 players
4 pairs / 8 players
2 pairs / 4 players
Time schedule * 9:15 – Open
9:45 – Opening ceremony
10:00 – Round 1 & Lunch
13:30 – Round 2
16:00 – Semifinals
18:30 – Closing ceremony
Venue Nihon Ki-in (Tokyo) IGO & SHOGI CHANNEL INC.

* Time is subject to change depending on circumstances.

Games of Round 1…

1-1 1-2 1-3 1-4
1-5 1-6 1-7 1-8

Click on the image to enlarge it… on Eidogo/OGS you get the game as SGF for your individual review via browser.

  1. K.Yashiro 6p & Y. Iyama 9p [b] vs. T.Koyama 6p & N.Hane 9p [w] | result: W+Resign… review: Eidogo | OGS
  2. R.Fujisawa 2p & R.Ichiriki 7p [b] vs. C.Mukai 5p & S.Takao 9p [w] | result: W+Resign… review: Eidogo | OGS
  3. A.Okuda 3p & Ch. Hsu 9p [b] vs. K.Kato 6p & D.Murakawa 8p[w] | result: W+1.5… review: Eidogo | OGS
  4. Hsieh.Y-Min 6p & R.Kono 9p [b] vs. K.Aoki 8p & S.Kobayashi 9p [w] | result: B+Resign… review: Eidogo | OGS
  5. N.Mannami 3p & N.Yoda 9p [b] vs. Y.Kuwabara 6p & S.Yuki 9p [w] | result: B+5.5… review: Eidogo | OGS
  6. M.Yoshida 8p & H.Yamashiro 9p [b] vs. K.Konishi 8p & T.Mizokami 9p [w] | result: B+Resign… review: Eidogo | OGS
  7. A.Suzuki 6p & J.Akiyama 9p [b] vs. A.Ishii 2p & K.Yamashita 9p [w] | result: B+5.5… review: Eidogo | OGS
  8. W.Jing Yi 2p & Ch. Sun Jin 9P [b] vs. K.Chinen 4p & Cho Chikun 9p [w] | result: B+Resign… review: Eidogo | OGS

Games of Round 2…

2-1 2-2 2-3 2-4

Click on the image to enlarge it… on Eidogo/OGS you get the game as SGF for your individual review via browser.

  1. C.Mukai 5p & S.Takao 9p [b] vs. T.Koyama 6p & N.Hane 9p [w] | result: W+Resign… review: Eidogo | OGS
  2. Hsieh.Y-Min 6p & R.Kono 9p [b] vs. K.Kato 6p & D.Murakawa 8p [w] | result: B+6.5… review: Eidogo | OGS
  3. M.Yoshida 8p & H.Yamashiro 9p [b] vs. Y.Kuwabara 6p & S.Yuki 9p [w] | result: B+Resign… review: Eidogo | OGS
  4. A.Suzuki 6p & J.Akiyama 9p [b] vs. W.Jing Yi 2p & Ch. Sun Jin 9p [w] | result: B+Resign… review: Eidogo | OGS

Games of Semi Finals…

3-1 3-2

Click on the image to enlarge it… on Eidogo/OGS you get the game as SGF for your individual review via browser.

  1. Hsieh.Y-M 6p & R.Kono 9p [b] vs. T.Koyama 6p & N.Hane 9p [w] | result: W+Resign… review: Eidogo | OGS
  2. A.Suzuki 6p & J.Akiyama 9p [b] vs. M.Yoshida 8p & H.Yamashiro 9p [w] | result: B+Resign… review: Eidogo | OGS

You can download all 14 games in UGI format inclusive Ugi viewer Panda-Egg (Windows XP/Vista/7/8 version) as zipped file from here  (or 2nd backup server on Dropbox). You get the Ugi viewer Panda-Tetsuki for iPad/iPhone here, and at Google Play for Android devices.

Congrats to the Finalists pairing (for the game coming in March 2015):

– Terumi Koyama 6p & Naoki Hane 9p Pair
– Ayumi Suzuki 6p & Jiro Akiyama 9p Pair


… and tks to Pandanet-IGS for live streaming the event.


Former Champions (1994-2014)

Formar Champions Finalist
Kumiko Yashiro 6-dan
Yuta Iyama Kisei・Meijin・Honinbo・Tengen・Oza・Gosei
Chiaki Mukai Woman’s Honinbo
Satoshi Yuki Judan
Hsieh Yi Min Woman’s Honinbo ・ Woman’s Meijin ・ Woman’s kisei
Satoru KOBAYASHI 9-dan
Narumi OSAWA 4-dan
Tomochika MIZOKAMI 8-dan
Hsieh Yi Min Woman’s Honinbo・Woman’s Meijin
Wang Ming Wan 9-dan
Yukari Yoshihara 5-dan
Satoshi Yuki 9-dan
Hsieh Yi Min Woman’s Honinbo・Woman’s Meijin・Woman’s Kisei
Wang Ming Wan 9-dan
Ayumi Suzuki 5-dan
Satoshi Yuki Tengen
Domestic champions / B BlockYukari
UMEZAWA Woman’s Kisei
Shinji TAKAO 9-dan
A Block
Akane ISHII 1-dan
Hideyuki SAKAI 7-dan
Keiko KATO Women’s Saikyo
Naoki HANE Honinbo
Hsieh Yi Min Women’s Honinbo・Women’s Meijin
Yuta IYAMA 8-dan
Narumi OSAWA 3-dan
Cho Chikun Judan
Hsieh Yi Min Women’s Honinbo
Rin KONO Tengen
Yumiko OKADA 6-dan
Kimio YAMADA 9-dan
Ayumi SUZUKI 3-dan
Hsu CHANG Gosei
Ayumi SUZUKI 3-dan
Hsu CHANG Meijin・Oza
Izumi KOBAYASHI Women’s Saikyo
Keigo YAMASHITA 9-dan
Kikuyo AOKI 8-dan
Tomoyasu MIMURA 9-dan
Keiko KATO 4-dan
Li Chen WANG Judan
Izumi KOBAYASHI Women’s Honinbo・ Women’s Meijin・JAL Women’s
Yoko INORI 5-dan
25th Honinbo Chikun
Yoko INORI 5-dan
25th Honinbo Chikun
Mika YOSHIDA 7-dan
Koichi KOBAYASHI Gosei
Yoko INORI 5-dan
Cho Chikun Oza
Teruko KUSUNOKI 7-dan
Norimoto YODA Meijin
Teruko KUSUNOKI 7-dan
Norimoto YODA Meijin
Narumi OSAWA 2-dan
Hai Fong LIN 9-dan
Mika YOSHIDA 6-dan
Hiroaki HIGASHINO 9-dan
Mayu HOSAKA 2-dan
Kimio YAMADA 7-dan
Kikuyo AOKI 7-dan
Kunihisa HONDA 9-dan
Terumi NISHIDA Women’s Meijin
Si Hoon RYU 7-dan
Kikuyo AOKI 7-dan
Kunihisa HONDA 9-dan
Kumiko YASHIRO 2-dan
Masao KATO Judan
Kaori CHINEN 2-dan
Satoshi YUKI 8-dan
Akiko TSUKUDA 1-dan
Hideo OTAKE 9-dan
Izumi KOBAYASHI 1-dan
Koichi KOBAYASHI 9-dan
Kazuko KONISHI 5-dan
Syoji HASHIMOTO 9-dan
Kazuko KONISHI 4-dan
Syoji HASHIMOTO 9-dan
Ayako NAKAZAWA 3-dan
Yoshio ISHIDA 9-dan

(Source: 02/2015 – Pandanet-IGS / Japan Pair Go Association)


The Chinese Year of Wodden Goat begins… We wish our Go friends in China + Korea a happy new year

In Korea it’s tradition to reunion with the whole family from 18th till 20th February 2015 to celebrate 1024px-Korean.food-Tteok.mandu.guk-01Seollal… and to give tribute on first day of the new year (following the mooncalendar) to the ancestors by practising special rites… and to extend to the elder family members the new year’s greetings (Sebae).

On Seollal it is celebrated to become one year older. Eating Tteokguk (soup with rice cake) celebrates the purety and long living. White is the colour of Tteok and symbolizes purity, the longish form of it represents a long life.

The Chinese New Year, also known as Spring Festival, is a family event and by far the most important date in the course of the year and thus the most important Chinese holiday. The public holidays are laid down for 18th till 24th February 2015. 2015... the year of wooden goat

2015 is the yea of the “wooden goat“. In China the goat stands for gentleness, peace, love, cooperation and helpfulness, and wood for creativity and productivity. Politically 2015 gives hope for peaceful and diplomatic solutions. For private life Chinese expect in 2015 to have more time for love and family. A conciliatory and loving interaction is favored for lonely hearts and the chances of falling in love.

I wish all my Asian friends in Korea and China a happy new year ! – Have more time for playing GO/Weiqi/Baduk… 🙂

Chinese year of-Wooden-Goat-19th-Februay-2015_3

videos tutorials (5 clips): Teaching of kidds by Nie Weiping (Chinese, 9 Dan)

9 Dan Nie Weiping...

9 Dan Nie Weiping…

Nie Weiping 聂卫平 (born 17 Aug 1952) 9-dan was for many years the strongest Go player in China. Chang Hao and Gu Li have been his pupil. A translation of Nie’s book Nie Weiping on Go is published by Yutopian (Source: 30th Jan 2014 | Sensei’s Library).

I found following videos documenting Weiping’s teachings of Chinese kidds. I fell over the videos on his own Blog site. Unluckily the page is no more updated since 19th March 2013.

Nie Weiping was one of the consultants who contributed contents to the magazine ShaoErWeiqi (少儿围棋). It was a monthly WeiQi magazine in Chinese language aimed at children. Since August 2010 it has been merged with another magazine formerly known as Weiqi shao nian (围棋少年 = Young Go Master). – Source: 23rd May 2012 | Sensei’s Library.

I like the pedagogic way of Weiping documented in the videos the pupils play both, black and white… in my understanding it helps to get a more clear perspective of the whole game and for the opponent’s situation, too. I never experienced this way of teaching by Western players/teachers inspite I liked it to lay longer sequences for white and black to get a better understanding for the consequences of each move. – Mostly I received negatively critics about like: “you can’t forsee so many moves as the opponent will play something different”. We see by following videos that the Chinese way of teaching is differently. – Amazing to notice these very young kidds playing long sequences excellently (that’s how I see it as beginner / kyu ranked player).

Nie Weiping only interferes from continuouing for showing the consequences, weaknesses or alternatives. – Enjoy it !

1st video (date: 2013-01-12 16:24)
(alternatively Flash player: full screen)

2nd video (date: 2013-01-09 17:59)
(alternatively Flash player: full screen)

3rd video (date:  2013-01-08 16:40)
(alternatively Flash player: full screen)

4th video (date: 2012-12-14 16:31)
(alternatively Flash player: full screen)

5th video (date: 2012-12-12 22:35)
(alternatively Flash player: full screen)

Go pedagogy in South Kora (video): RELAY BADUK – 릴레이 바둑 ㅋ (Girls vs. Boys Team)

Tkts (again) to 김한비 (Daejeon/South Korea) for another wonderful short video about how kidds are being educated in Go (Baduk) in South Kora. – In my understanding “Relay Baduk” is teaching a lot more than only about GO itself… within an environment of “friendly competition” (here ‘girls team’ vs. ‘boys team’).


Go pedagogy in South Korea: Relay Baduk

I have no doubts about that “Relay Baduk” can give kidds the skills as team players, and they learn to overtake responsability for their own decisions against their peer group (team), understand / read silently the doing of their Go partners (e.g. as we know in Rengo / Pair GO) and give support to each other (e.g. the stronger players help the weaker players).

I like in the video, that there is given “no time pressure” by the teacher. Every kidd takes the time it needs to think about next best move so it looks. – The discipline of the kidds is fantastic, no one is yealing around about a “bad move” of its class mate (as we probably might know it in Western schools). Everybody tries his / her best with fully concentration.

Critics & Feedback are welcome…

릴레이 바둑 ㅋ

2nd round of “Boys team vs. Ladies team”

어제 분에 못참아서온 남학생들 ㅋ
기어이 오늘 남여 성대결에서 이겨서
1 : 1이 되었습니다

The Boys team wins !

내일은 뭘로 결승을할까

Recording Date: 29th January 2015
Editor: 김한비 (Daejeon)
Length: 02:00 min.

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