SanRenSei Test

The website is up again !!! 🙂 Make the test easily and quickly… 😉 Tks to Alexandre Dinerchtein (the owner of this page)

How to proof if you can become a successfully San-Ren-Sei player ? – Tks to Masaki Takemiya who is offering a cost free online test you can proof if you have the strength to play San-Ren-Sei. Its quick done within some minutes (and its cost free).

Just click following link on his website: http://sanrensei.info/test.php

Pls leave here your result after making the test,  so San-Ren-Sei players can get in contact with each other and learn from each other to play successfully and progress in this style. (Rec.: On my own I got 225 points of 300. So in tendency I have the character to play San-Ren-Sei successfully.)



2 thoughts on “SanRenSei Test

  1. On my own I got 225 points of 300. So in tendency I have the character to play San-Ren-Sei successfully.

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    Posted by linuxgooo | October 20, 2014, 3:40 pm
  2. I got:
    “Your score is 190 from 300

    You know a lot about using influence, but you don’t like to play all-or-nothing games or games where you must kill your opponent’s group inside of your moyo.
    We might recommend that you use other influence-oriented fusekis, such as the Chinese family of fusekis (Low, High, Mini), takamoku-based openings, or tengen.
    All of these openings are more flexible than san-ren-sei and it’s usually possible to switch from influence to territory if the position requires it.”


    Posted by Adalberto Maggio Junior | May 24, 2015, 4:31 am

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