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When to start teaching little kidds in GO ?

Many parents, dads and mums who play on their own Go ask the seriously question: “When is it the right time to bring very little kidds into contact with the game?

The answer: As different examples show in Asia its no problem to bring kidds 3+ in kindergarden into contact with GO. Naturally they learn it very differently from adults or teenagers do. Its a very playfully way. And it all depends on the skills of the teacher.

I give you a link to infos about the “teaching method” of Japanese GO master Yasuda Yasutoshi (Japanese 9Pro Dan, born 1964) who is promoting GO teaching for kidds worldwide under the headline “GO as Communication: The educational and therapeutical value of GO“.

He wrote a book, too you can buy at Slate & Shell Press. (Rec.: It is given cost free from the AGA (American Go Association) for Go teachers who like to use it in schools/kindergardens.)
Go As Communication

Here a free PDF extract about Yasuda’s method, very informative and enjoyable to read:

Same available in French as “Le go, un outil de communication” (see Amazon)

Yasuda is a very nice guy, here playing with kidds a simultan game in Marseille… (source: Go Club Valreas)

Shortly had been founded the European Go Teacher Association (EGoTA). Official website: http://www.goteachers.eu

They had been a three days qualification workshop for Go teachers (beside the Kido Cup)  going in Hanseatic City Hamburg from 7th till 9th June 2014, where I live. Here some pics…

Go at school as a good future in Germany with the new qualified Go teachers… congrats !

The EGoTa is getting heavily support from Korea, e.g. the participants get an official Certificate from Myungji University. Prof. Jeong Soo-hyun (9 Dan) gave a lecture about “The Theory and Methods of Baduk Education“.
(You find an interview with Prof. Soon-Hyun about “Management Wisdom from GO” here.)

Same In-Seong Hwang (8Dan) gave a lecture, who is National Go pedagogue of French National Go Assication and Go teacher of Swiss Go Association.

I know Inseong personally and I think, he is a good address to contact him personally as he knows very well European culture. You can catch him easily on his Facebook profile to get some concrete answers about your questions from a GO Pro.

Many good things with Go are going in Europe, so I see it… it gives hope that more and more kidds get in contact in kindergardens, schools, Universities… nothing bad with it, isnt ? 🙂


Birthday party, Delicious Asian Food and GO

Birthday party, Delicious Asian Food and GO (or variations, e.g. 5-in-a-row)… How it goes together in real Korean life !

Diary Video of Pearl B (living in South Korea close to Seoul)

Asia: Female Go teachers for kindergarden kidds

The very little of Kindergarden ages have in Asia very caring female Go teachers…

… and specific teaching material.

(Source: @ Facebook: さくら通り親子囲碁交流会 子育て×囲碁)

Busy Mums dont need to stop with playing GO…

Busy Mums with two kidds dont need to stop playing GO…. 🙂


Asia: GO education in school class nowadays (pics gallery)…

So goes GO education in Asia in school class nowadays…
(Rec.: all pics from the new Facebook page “Art gogo“)

10636039_10152195550297541_3957086573420107052_n 10469408_10152084165327541_2246932092232779187_n













International Amateur Pair Go Championship in spring 2015 (pre-announcement)

International Amateur Pair Go Championship in spring 2015

What do you think about the idea, that on OGS we start in late autumn/winter a qualification series to send the best Rengo Team to the International Amateur Pair Go Championships in spring 2015 ? – It is organised as annual online Rengo tournament by the [SAGA][1] (South African Go Association), which has been affiliated to the [International Go Federation][2] since 1993.


The winners of 2012-2014:

– 2012: [Andre Connell][3] and [Steve Kroon][4] ([details][5])
– 2013: Chris Welsh and Sam Scott (see game)
– 2014: Victor Chow and Aki Zhou ([details][6])

Winner Game of SAGA Rengo Tournament 2013…

valprax-cwelsh-adavies-svartrevValpraX-cwelsh-adavies-svartrev.sgf (12.3 KB)
(original source: [GoKGS.com][7] )

You can do an individual review or SGF download here: Eidogo

Pls give feedback what you think about this idea ! – Tks in advance for ur interests. Have fun with GO 🙂

[1]: http://www.sagoclubs.co.za/saga/saga-constitution/
[2]: http://www.nihonkiin.or.jp/igf/
[3]: http://za.linkedin.com/pub/andre-connell/33/529/1a
[4]: http://senseis.xmp.net/?Steve
[5]: http://www.sagoclubs.co.za/2012/03/03/andre-and-steve-win-1st-rengo-tournament/
[6]: http://www.sagoclubs.co.za/2014/03/31/victor-and-aki-win-rengo-tournament/
[7]: http://bit.ly/1t9cinE

08/13/2014: Game with large-scale framework strategy (Tygem)

This is a game being hosted on Youtube channel “LittleLamb Go“, a webcast (audio comments) on the Asian GO Server TYGEM.

The game is a demonstration of using a large-scale framework strategy (with San-RenSei opening (4 Star points) by black on right/bottom side).

In the game, both players have made several mistakes…

(P.S.: Tks to Françisa (8K/OGS) for the video link.)

GO and Food… does this go together ? Here some nice receipes

This picture says it all… Go players love it to have fun with GO in communities… so having tasty-yummie food is a must… e.g. for a BBQ Go party


if you are really hungry as a Go brain needs lots of energy, have a bunch of smarties with you using them as Go stones, or some peppermint drops


some sweet cakes in Go design….


a Go player you can surprise always with a special designed Birthday cake…

(Source: (C) All pics are from the Facebook group “[Extreme Go (Igo/Baduk/Weiqi)][1]”)

[1]: https://www.facebook.com/groups/extremego/

7th Yunlin Cup PAIR Tournament in 2015 (preannouncement)

You ever want play with and/or against monks a Rengo tournament in a temple ( in [Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province/People’s Republic of China][1] ) ? – Boommark the 7th Yunlin Cup PAIR Tournament in 2015… here a short review of the 6th one, which took place in February 2014.


February21, 2014, the Sixth Yunlin Cup Invitational Pair Tournament of the GO had its grand opening ceremony in Zhejiang Hotel. The Tournament was organised by Lingyin Temple in its Centre for Buddhist and Go Culture, and jointly sponsored by Jacobs Biotech, Ltd. Lingyin Monastic Manager Venerable Yankong delivered the opening speech, and over 70 venerables and Go players from all over the country attended the opening ceremony.

The opening ceremony started at 7pm, 21 February in Guiyu Hall, Zhejiang Hotel. Monastic Manager Venerable Yankong expressed his gratitude on behalf of Lingyin Temple to all players who came to join the tournament.

The first round of the tournament took place right after the opening ceremony and a ballot. A point-based ranking system was applied in this Tournament, and the duo with the highest total points out of the 32 teams after three rounds of games would become the winners.

The game continued in Lingyin Temple on 22 February. Venerables from Lingyin Centre for Buddhist and Go Culture, professional players such as Cao Dayuan, Chen Linxin, Liu Shizhen, Lu Jun, Hang Tianpeng, Mao Yuheng and Zhang Yueran, and amateur players from all walks of life, competed in the games and exchanged tactics and strategies.

**Behind the Go is much wisdom and philosophy. Chan, the Buddhist term, initially meant the observation of the truth of the universe while thinking in quietness and concentration. Similarly, the game of the Go requires the observation of the full picture with calmness and caution, and emphasises on the acquisition of insights of wisdom about life.** Playing the Go in Lingyin temple adds a tinge of Chan philosophy to the games, and helps the players better understand the Chan ideas of integration and harmony that operate beyond the board.

As the Yunlin Cup Tournament proceeded in Lingyin Centre for Buddhist and Go Culture, the players, bathed in Chan, competed in quietness. The games were no longer dominated by the obsession about the results, but by full concentration on each present move. The young Zhou Junhe, a 10-year-old pupil at Shanghai Taoliyuan Primary School, stood out among the players: Despite his age he was already a 4-dan amateur; and he made every steady move with composure.

The first five places of the current Yunlin Cup Pair Tournament were decided at around 4pm after several rounds of fierce competitions. The duo comprising Venerable Ziyu from Lingyin Temple, and the professional player Zhang Yueran, won the first place. Lingyin Abbot Venerable Guangquan attended the closing ceremony and presented awards to the winners.

Venerable Guangquan (middle) with champions Venerable Ziyu and Ms Zhang Yueran

Both the Go and Buddhism have exerted profound social influences throughout the cultural history with the spirits of humanitarianism and inclusion they both promote. Lingyin Temple has been holding the past six Yunlin Cup Go Tournaments to take advantage of the sport as a platform to provide opportunities for professional and amateur Go players to exchange experiences and techniques, to promote communications between Hangzhou Buddhist community and the Go community, to enhance the Go level of Hangzhou Buddhists, and to enrich the Buddhist culture with traditional sports.** Moreover, the tournaments were organised to express the wish to seek for more tolerance, gratitude and pre-destined human relationships, and to spread and revive the Go by introducing more people to this discipline. At the same time, the undertaking of such events would bring the Lingyin Centre of Buddhist and Go Culture out of its residence in Lingyin Temple to the front of the public and to the life of the common people, and would present the progressing image of contemporary Buddhist monks who are actively engaged in traditional culture and arts.






(Source: http://en.lingyinsi.org/detail_7099.html )

[1]: http://en.lingyinsi.org/maps/

2014 Kuksu Mountains International Pair Go Championship (8-13, Aug, 2014)

Results out of the 2014 Kuksu Mountains International Pair Go Championship


*Date:* August 8 (Fri) – 13 (Wed), 2014
*Place:* Jeollanam-do Gangjin-gun, Yeongam-gun, Shinan-gun Rotation, Korea
*Organizers:* The Korea Baduk Association
*Cooperation:* The China Weiqi Association, Nihon Kiin, The Chinese Taipei Go Association, World Pair Go Association
*Game Rules:* The time limit is 1 hour each, and there is overtime countdown of 60 seconds / one time.
*Prizes:* [Winner] KRW 30,000,000 / [Runner-up] KRW 15,000,000 / [Third place] KRW 10,000,000 / [Fourth place] KRW 10,000,000


Congrats to the winners…

1st winner: [ Korea ] Oh Jeong A 2p & Cho Hoon-Hyun 9p
2nd winner: [ China ] Zhang Yueran 1p & Cao Dayuan 9p
3rd winner: [ Chinese Taipei ] Joanne Missingham 6p & Lin Hai Feng 9p
4th place: [ Japan ] Mannami Nao 3p & Takemiya Masaki 9p

All six games of round 1-3 are available on Eidogo (or OGS) for re-playing now…

– 1st round – Aug. 9th (Sat), 5:00 am (GMT)

  • [ Japan ] Mannami Nao 3-dan / Takemiya Masaki 9-dan – [ Chinese Taipei ] J. Missingham 6-dan / Lin Hai Feng 9-dan…
    winner: Chinese Taipei W + 0.5

kokushu-sanmyaku-1-1e-2014080916570610322056.sgf (1.5 KB)

You can do an individual review or SGF download here: Eidogo | OGS

  • [ Korea ] Oh Jeong A 2-dan / Cho Hoon-Hyun 9-dan – [ China ] Zhang Yueran 1-dan / Cao Dayuan 9-dan…
    winner: China B + TimeOut

kokushu-sanmyaku-1-2e-2014080916571917943969.sgf (1.1 KB)

You can do an individual review or SGF download here: Eidogo | OGS

– 2nd round – Aug. 10th (Sun), 5:00 am (GMT)

  • [ Japan ] Mannami Nao 3-dan / Takemiya Masaki 9-dan – [ Korea ]
    Oh Jeong A 2-dan / Cho Hoon-Hyun 9-dan…
    winner: Korea W + resign

kokushu-sanmyaku-2-1e-2014081017150137479561.sgf (1.0 KB)

You can do an individual review or SGF download here: Eidogo | OGS

  • [ China ] Zhang Yueran 1-dan / Cao Dayuan 9-dan – [ Chinese Taipei ] J. Missingham 6-dan / Lin Hai Feng 9-dan…
    winner: Chinese Taipei B + resign

kokushu-sanmyaku-2-2e-2014081017431439268409.sgf (1.8 KB)

You can do an individual review or SGF download here: Eidogo | OGS

– 3rd round – Aug. 11 (Mon), 5:00 am (GMT)

  • [ Japan ] Mannami Nao 3-dan / Takemiya Masaki 9-dan – [ China ] Zhang Yueran 1-dan / Cao Dayuan 9-dan…
    winner: China W + resign

kokushu-sanmyaku-3-1e-2014081118160661094007.sgf (1.7 KB)

You can do an individual review or SGF download here: Eidogo | OGS

  • [ Korea ] Oh Jeong A 2-dan / Cho Hoon-Hyun 9-dan – [ Chinese Taipei ] J. Missingham 6-dan/ Lin Hai Feng 9-dan…
    winner: Korea B + resign

(1.3 KB)

You can do an individual review or SGF download here: Eidogo | OGS

( Source: (C) Pandanet )

Some photo impressions from 3rd round in Shinan-gun (Korea)…
042_s 043_s 045_s

047_s 049_s 051_s

[More photos here]

Tks to Pandanet-IGS for live streaming and fully documentation…

New Rengo/Pair GO Group exists 24 hours…

Amazing… the new Rengo Group (on OGS – Online-go.com) already counts within the first 24 hours seventeen (17) members.

With 85% we are close to the first target to get minimum 20 members for planning the first Rengo Tournament taking place on OGS. — Tks a lot for this positive feedback and concrete interests. 🙂


OGS (Online Go Server) gets its first and new RENGO/Pair GO Group…

Today on 11th Aug 2014 the Online Go Server (OGS) got it’s first and new Rengo Group I initiated for playing Rengo games, Pair Go games, Rengo Tournaments and sharing Rengo news.

Become member of this uniquely group and invite others sharing the link:

For the public (non OGS members) we make all Group news available here on the MySRS Blog (with the tags rengo and/or pair go) and in a specificly Rengo thread on the OGS Forum: http://goo.gl/mjzKmV

rengo-team-accounts-screenshot-avatar-images-072014-1 (1)

P.S.: All who posted in the OGS Forum till today about their interests for Rengo and the test players (total: 17) received a direct invitation to become member in the Rengo group on OGS: ssx, harps, demonhead, Franzisa, PaulRenjo, aznhaxor, xhu98, Telach, saxmaam, MorBsh, Marnoris, ztanz, Rikhon, sefo, The Arctic and GoRogue. – Tks in advance giving attention.

Wrong Strategy against San-RenSei (two games as example)…

Does it make sense for an opponent to follow the strategy against a San-Ren-Sei player like this ?

1.) Surround the San-Ren-Sei player and his big moyo completly taking 2-3 corners
2.) after 1. completed then attacking from inside the big moyo

Here two games as example I played on Wbaduk with SRS fuseki against two equal opponents (18k) last days which show this situation. – In both games one as black and one as white the opponent died completly inside the big moyo.

(A) White attacks with move 114 on K6 inside black’s big moyo


…and so it ended deadly for White: b+61.5 points.

(B) Black attacks with move 117 on P15 inside white’s big moyo


…and so it ends deadly for Black: w+90.5 points.

Conclusion: Never attack inside a big moyo of SRS (which is secured as territory already) !

35th WAGC (World Amateur Go Championship)…

Some snaps from the 35th WAGC (World Amateur Go Championship)… the two youngest players seen there have been Rafif Shidqi from Indonesia and Nhat Minh Vo from Vietnam.

(Source: 23rd July 2014, InterGoFed – Intern. Go Federation @ Facebook)

(Source: 23rd July 2014, InterGoFed – Intern. Go Federation @ Facebook)

Congrats to the winner of the WAGC 2014: Yitien Chan (Chinese Taipei) … (Source: 9th July 2014 – http://ranka.intergofed.org/?p=11481)

Yitien Chan (Chinese Taipei) snatched victory in the 35th World Amateur Go Championship, overtaking Korea by a single tie-break point. Chinese Taipei take home the trophy for the first time ever, and this is also the first time since 1986 (when Hong Kong won) that the winner was not one of the Big Three (China, Japan and Korea). Read more in the Bulletin of the International Go Federation here.


BADUK CLASSIC… new Book series by 9PDan Cho Hyeyeon

Just got the invitation by Hyeyeon for her new FB page… “Baduk Classic” (Book series).

Series No. 1: The Profound and Mysterious (Volume 1-4)

Its about the book series “Baduk Classic : The Profound and Mysterious” (Volume 1-4). Originally it was written between 1347 and 1349, during Yuan dynasty about “life and death” situatoins. Now its translated and revised by 9PDan Korean Cho Hyeyeon and being published in 2014.

  • Series: Baduk Classic
  • Paperback: 240 pages
  • Publisher: CJ E&M; 1ST edition (2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 979-1185635088
  • ASIN: 1185635084
  • Product Dimensions: 6.9 x 4.1 x 0.4 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 1.8 pounds


Where to buy?

1.1 badukTV Gmarket Global minishop

1.2 … and available on Amazon.com

2. Beside Amazaon.com in America you cab contact Shawn Ray (4Dan AGA, who is studying Baduk in Korea) who will help you. Visit his page: Clossius’s Go Group or @레이슌

3. In Korea: BadukTV Gmarket minishop or go to Hankook kiwon store.(02-2291-1912) 

announcement on BadukTV for Baduk Classic Series No. 2:
The Art of Closing: Guanzipu (Vol. 1-6)

Where to buy ?


07/25-09/08/2014: EGC (European Go Congress) in Romania

What great atmosphere **2014 European Go Congress**. The 58th event takes place in Sibiu, Romania from **July 25 to August 9, 2014**.cropped-999x170-banner

The pictures show the main tournament! (*Rec.:* I’d give a lot I could have visited the EGC 2014 in Romania as planned… because of some private circumstances I had to cancle it.)

(Source: [InterGoFed – International Go Federation @ Facebook][1])

More infos about the top players: http://egc2014.com/
safe_image (2)
[1]: https://www.facebook.com/pages/International-Go-Federation/144342095694770

San-Lian-Xing (SanRenSei Lecture on Weiki TV) + Transcription (ENG)

A Chinese lecture on Weiki TV about San-Lian-Xing (San-Ren-Sei)  featuring Zhao Shouxun (5P)…

The fully transcription and translation in ENG of Episode No. 1 is now available… many tks to xhu98 (2Dan/OGS) he was so kind to giving access to this Chinese lecture.

SRS WeiqiTV E1.sgf1 (13.0 KB) )

You can do an individual review or SGF download here: Eidogo | OGS


Go legends: Kobiayashi (Fuseki) vs. San-RenSei / Cosmic Style

Yesterday I had an interesting discussion with pathogenix (6K), a GO player on OGS about two 9P Dan pros, about Kobiayashi Koishi (born 1952) and Takemiya Masaki (born 1951). These two extra ordinary players battled against each other over more than 30 years on the Go board. – Let’s meet today the Kobayashi Fuseki and San-Ren-Sei Fuseki / Cosmic style of Takemiya. (Rec.: pathogenix himself loves to play Kobayashi Fuseki.)

The Kobayashi Fuseki (Kobayashi Formation) is the pattern for Black shown below. It is named after Kobayashi Koichi who used it steadily at one point in his career. This fuseki has been actively played for some 20 years now. It is similar to the *Small Chinese fuseki* in that Black sets up a specific formation between the white corner in the lower left and Black’s own open komoku stone in the lower right as part of a strategy for playing against a later white approach move there. It is an aggressive, fighting strategy. (Source: Sensei’s Library – http://senseis.xmp.net/?KobayashiFuseki ).

9e99036444dd6e067e62d35474bb479c.sgf (397 Bytes)

You can do an individual review or SGF download here: Eidogo

Battousai did a webcast lecture about Kobayashi Fuseki

An interesting title match between Kobayashi (black)and Takemia (white) on 20th Sept 1995 (20th Japanese Meijin) – result: W+0.5

Here Takemia opens with D4 – D16 – R10 (see alternatives in “From Ni-RenSei (two star points) to San-RenSei“)
(Source: Go4Go.Net SGF Database)

P.S. pathogenix currently is in preperations of a bigger data collection and documentation about Kobayashi Fuseki. As soon the datas are available and being posted, I will let you know asap.

today: Rengo final @ European GO Congress 2014 (live stream)

Live Stream from European Go Congress 2014 (Romania) now online…
with FINAL Pair-Go tournament

The mixed player pairs:  Marz / Kim (6D) as black – Wong / Podbera (6D) as white

The game was re-streamed on OGS as copy from IGS. (Tks to mlopezviedma for clicking.)

You can do an individual review or SGF download here: Eidogo | OGS

Originally the Rengo Tournament was planned to consist of two stages:

– Mon, 4th Aug, preliminary stage of 4 teams in 3 rounds robin 16:00 to 22:00;
– Tue, 5th Aug, final stages for 8 best teams in 3 rounds, 16:00 to 22:00.

(Source: http://egc2014.com/congress/rengo/ )

CONGRATS to BLACK for the WIN after WHITE resigned !

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