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screencast of Daun’s Shape lecture (18th Oct 2014)

… as announced in September the legendary “shape lecture” of Dsaun (1kyu-1Dan on KGS) took place on 18th October 2014 on KGS. – Dsaun himself gave permission for publishing a fully webcast by “hamete” on YT. – Tks to both.

Here the 3 hours lecture…




For Beginners: Dsaun’s legendary Shape lecture again on 18th Oct 2014

(26th Sept 2014) – OGS did a first step into lectures from dans wth the [GO Learn Week 2014 (in Sept)][1] and hopefully we can see more qualified GO teachers on OGS giving steadily lectures and reviews. As we all know OGS is a young GO server, so it will take time to get a bunch of very experienced GO teachers, with good pedagogic skills. – Meanwhile beginners must search for any form of good sources to learn GO, e.g. videos, books, workshops, lectures etc. …

When I started with GO playing on KGS ( http://www.gokgs.com ) end of January 2014 I had luck, that shortly one month after beginning I got the chance to participate in **dsaun’s (audio) lecture** about **shapes**. dsaun (1Dan) is teaching Go since many years and has specialized to advice DDKs (double digit kyus). – It was very helpfully for me to learn from dsaun about shapes, and herewith to read a game and the moves of my opponent better and to make more efficient moves which let work the stones together.

(extract from Dsaun’s shape lecture on 22nd Febr 2014)

Pls take notice following date aimed for players 10k-24k (but stronger players can enjoy the example games):

Dsaun’s AUDIO LECTURE – SHAPE (final presentation)

Good basic shapes in running fights. All welcome – no fee. Tentatively 10/18/14 at 03:00 pm UTC ( [what is it in my local time?][2] ), in the KGS Teaching Ladder room, under “Lessons”. 40 min lecture, then dan-level example games. Aimed for players 10k-24k, but stronger players can enjoy the example games. The whole thing lasts 4-5 hours.**

About Dsaun (Source: [Going all the way to Pro][3])
++ He was born in Germany (as an U.S. citizen) and his mother emigrated from Hamburg (my home city) to USA + He speaks French + He loves Go (especially teaching it) + He started playing Go seriously in 1993 though he first learned the rules in 1975 ++

Enjoy playing GO !  

(P.S.: If you have any further questions you can contact dsaun directly [via email][4] or on KGS (username: dsaun). Please include “KGS” in the subject line if you should write an email, so that it doesn’t get trapped dsaun’s spam filter)

[1]: https://mysanrensei.wordpress.com/2014/07/04/world-biggest-go-event-learn-go-week-13th-sept-2014/
[2]: http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=18.%20October%2015:00%20UTC%20in%20my%20local%20time
[3]: http://30kto1d.blogspot.de/2012/03/dsauns-shape-lectures.html
[4]: mailto:dsaun@panix.com

29th Sept 2014: Nick Sibicky Returns for Double Digit Kyu Players Class… (announcement)

For all who love Nick’s excellent video lectures (inclusive mine) this might be a good news… can we expect some new video material soon ?


Nick Sibicky Returns
September 23, 2014


Nick Sibicky will start up the Double Digit Kyu Players Class (DDK) on Monday, September 29, at 6:30.  The class is open to anybody who can finish a 19×19 game.  The class is free, and your first 10 visits to the Go Center are also free.

Nick tapes his lectures and posts them on youtube.com.   He has 79 lectures posted now,  and has gathered a world-wide following.  We have gotten donations from Austria, and visitors from Los Angeles, in response to his lectures.

This class was started for players in the 25 kyu to 10 kyu range, but stronger players have certainly benefited from these lectures as well.  Dan Top will be the alternate teacher when Nick is not available.  Dan and Nick play a game in following video of Lecture #79):

This completes our Fall class lineup.  Our Beginner’s Class is on Thursdays, the DDK class is on Mondays, and the more advanced SDK class is on Wednesdays.  You can also find informal instruction on Tuesdays and Saturdays.  We hope to see you soon!

(Source: 09/2014 – Seattle Go Centre)

Nick Sibicky’s video lecture: Playing SanRenSei as white.

Latest teaching video of Nick Sibicky with a San-Ren-Sei opening (fuseki) as white and playing in “big moyo style“…

(Rec.: More about Nick (4D in AGA) and his GO teaching you find on his personal website – http://www.sibicky.com/golectures.htm )

World biggest GO event: LEARN GO WEEK (13th Sept 2014)

Tks to Oni leaving the notice in the chat today. Here the announcment as given on GoGameGuru.com ( original source: http://gogameguru.com/be-a-part-of-learn-go-week/ )

Introducing Learn Go Week

On Saturday, September 13, 2014, we’re going to go out into our local community and run a small Go teaching event. And we hope that you’ll join us – by organizing your own modest, local Go demonstration. If you already do this from time to time then you don’t have to do anything new. All we’re asking is that run your own demonstration on the same day as everyone else.

September 13 will be the start of a new event called Learn Go Week.

images (10)

We can achieve great things together. Every Go player knows that stones work better when they work together. So let’s apply that principle to life.

Right now we’re all doing our own things, within our own communities. We’re spread out thinly, all over the world. But if we work together, we can all be part of something bigger.

Why Learn Go Week… …and not World Go Day?

We wanted to give you a little bit of freedom, so that you can still get involved even if September 13 doesn’t work for you. Or, so that you can run multiple events throughout the week if you want to.

We can create an (OGS) Event.

images (6)

An Event is something that gets people’s attention. Imagine thousands of people around the world all doing something on the same day. Doesn’t that sound intriguing? Isn’t that something that would get your attention? Now what if that thing was Go? Not only would it be cool to see Go on the news, but being a part of a global event will be great fun.

So much fun, that you’re already on board with the idea, right?  

images (11)

How you can be a part of the world’s biggest Go event “Introducing Learn Go Week” ??

  • Run a beginners’ night too!

images (8)
(Go in Africa)

In particular, if you have a local Go club, we hope that you’ll also organize a beginners’ night in the week that follows (September 13 to 20).

This is something that you can tell people about at the Go demonstration on the Saturday. You can hand out brochures with the rules of Go and details about your club (we’ll help you with this and will provide templates which you can modify shortly).

One of the challenges local Go clubs face is that new players rarely turn up on the same day. Beginners are often discouraged when the only players at the club are relatively experienced, and that’s not surprising when you think about it.
However, if you can get a group of beginners to start learning together at the same time, the likelihood that they’ll keep playing and visiting the club is much higher.
Saturday, September 13 is the most important date of Learn Go Week, and we hope that you’ll join us on that day, but you can also get involved throughout the week that follows.

How you can help ?

  • There are many ways that you can get involved in Learn Go Week and help to make it a success for all of us. Here are some ideas:

– Organize a local event or join an existing event and help out
– Tell your friends and your local Go club about Learn Go Week
– Contact your local Go association and encourage them to get involved
– Let us know about your event(s), so we can help you with publicity
– share this link (and let us know if you do) with friends and other Go players you know.

images (9)

Pls post some concrete ideas, how OGS (or any other GO server) can become part on 13th September 2014… 

  • There might be many choises:

– streaming live a workshop (e.g. in your local GO club or school) via OGS to many
– playing a local tournmant for beginners (remember, the headline of the event) with documentation and organisation in the OGS Tournament section
– public demonstrations of GO (e.g. simple Tsumegos), e.g. in libraries, street festivals… with an article and photos on the OGS Forum
– doing online reviews of ancient games have been played by GO legends, e.g. GO Seigen
images (7)
etc. etc. etc. …

Let the teams of intern. Go servers (e.g. GoKGS, OGS) know by time your plans so all can be organized well !!

Bat’s lecture: San-RenSei (part 1 and 2)

Here two interesting videos from Bat’s lecture series about how powerful San-Ren-Sei can be ! 🙂

San-Ren-Sei (part 1)…

San-Ren-Sei (part 2)…

Go Camp in Istanbul (12th-14th July 2014)

If you should visit Turkey in July, bookmark the GO Camp in Istanbul, taking place on 12th and 13th July 2014…


More details: https://www.facebook.com/events/1433693566895993/

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