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1:3 – First win in round 4: Lee Sedol (9P Dan) beats back…Did he play the Divine Move against AlphaGo (AI) ?

It had been exiting days this week for every Go lover around the globe… and for some of us it had been sleepless nights becaues of different time zones the live streaming in Seoul (South Korea) of the five round games between AlphaGO (AI) and Korean Lee Sedol, 9 Pro Dan was broadcasted via Youtube at 04:00 am GMT.

The first game which was played on Wednesday, 9th March 2016 beginning at 01:00 pm Korean time in Seoul reached a total number of ~100 million viewers around the globe. Very impressive as mind sports (like Chess or GO) mostly count small media attention.

1:3 – First win in round 4: Lee Sedol (9P Dan) beats back…

After some desperately three games (round 1-3 was played on 9th, 10th and 12th March) Lee Sedol had shown tough fights he played every game into byo-yomi… with resigning against Google Deepmind’s artificial intelligence (AI). Google Research department is being represented by the AlphaGo mashine using a self learning neural network.

This Sunday, 13th March has writteen some remarkably comments in the books of Go history (which last more than 2,500 years since is origin in China.) – One human brain won against the distributed version of AlphaGo being hosted in Google’s Cloud with more than 1,900 CPUs (and 280 GPUs).

During the press conferene after game three on Saturday, 12th March the commentator Michael Redmond (9P Dan, author of “Patterns of the SanRenSei” in 2011) descibed the unexpected strength of AlphaGO winning all three games playing some uniquely moves as 3rd (r)evolution in Go history, since the Honinbo House in Japane developed a new style of Fusekis (opening sequence) and legendary 9P Dan Go Seigen was the path finder of the modern go in 20th century.

Gu Li (born 1982) from China, one of the strongest contrahents of Lee Sedol who have battled each other in the uniquely Jubango 2014 stated about Lee’s victory who had white today: “Lee Sedol played the Divine Move“. He meant move 78 (K11) which cracked AlphaGo’s strength in the center and in consequences let die a row of seven black stones with move 176 via S10. Shortly after AlphaGo resigned with white’s move numer 180 (J4), see screenshots.

Fully SGF (board cript) available on Go4Go.net (or as PDF print, see bottom).

Live commentary by Michael Redmond (9P Dan) inclusive Press conference…

Commentary by the AGA (American Go Association)…



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