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The Go world under shock… Artificial intelligence wins first round of 5 against 9 Pro Dan Lee Sedol

First tks to David Ormerod and Younggil An (8p) for the detailled report which was available on GoGameGuru shortly couple of hours after Le Sedol resigned in his first game (of 5) against the AI computer AlphaGo. MySRS Blog got some of the photos from there documenting the event in Seoul (South Korea).

It was a short night in Europe from 8th to 9th March 2016 as the live stream started at 04:00 am GMT on Youtube. Regularly playtime 2 hours per player with bio-yomi 3x 60 seconds and Chinese rules. The Go world got under shock today when Lee Sedol resigned as black after a playtime of 95 minutes. AlphaGo won w+ res. (roughly with 2.5-3.5 points ahead).

You can download the Kifus in SGF format which had been re-streamed on Wbaduk, IGS-Pandanet and KGS server from here.

Most impressive for MySRS Blog was the perfect time management of AlphaGO… till 35 minutes playtime both, Lee and AG (AlphaGo) had shown nearby same speed… in the middle game AG slowed down heavily… swapping into the end game AG still just 5 minutes on the clock in reserves, while Lee had 20 minutes available. It seems AG knows exactly to calculate the investment of time for each move. It seems impossible for a human to be so accurate managaing own efficiency during a four hours game.

The 9th March seems to be a bad day for human mankind !

9 Pro Dan Michael Redmond did an excellent job reviewing the game for beginners and people who never played Go – with a live commentary being assisted by moderator Christopher Garlock, chief editor of the American Go E-Journal (eZine magazine of AGA – American Go Association).

In peak the live stream noticed nearby 100,000 viewers, impressively in the world of Go over last years we have noticed 2-3,000 virtually watching a high class game. When publisihng this post it counted more than 870,000. At least AlphaGo can help the global GO community to attract the fascinating board game to new and upcoming players.

The American Go Association (AGA) serviced it’s own live streaming on Youtube, too… with commentator Myungwan Kim (9P Dan) which might be interesting for more experienced players having some basic Go experiences.

Bookmark the time schedule for live streaming following games:

  • Second match: March 10 (Thu) 4:00am GMT
  • Third match:  March 12 (Sat) 4:00am GMT
  • Fourth match:  March 13 (Sun) 4:00am GMT
  • Fifth match: March 15 (Tue) 4:00am GMT





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