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1st night of all nights in GO history: AlphaGo (AI) battles first round agains 9P Dan Lee Sedol (Korea)

It will become some exiting five days from 9th March 2016 on in the Four Seasons Hotel in Seoul (Korea) which can be seen as a historical moment in GO history. March 2016 will proof if a highly skilled human player can be beaten by a Go computer. Lee Sedol (born 1983) from South Korea who picked up the challenge is seen as the world best Professional Go player these days (rank: 9P Dan).

The eldest board game in the world (more than 2,000 years old with origin in Ancient China) can be played since 2015 by Artificial Intelligence (AI) called AlphaGo. Its a new self-learning mashine based on a neuronal net which was developed by Deepmind Technologies, a British corporation which was founded in 2010 and now is being owned by Google.

The Go world around the globe is heavily exicting since January 2016 after the results had been published in Nature (edition: 28th Jan 2016) about the five days fight of European Go Champion Fan Hui (2P Dan) who lost 0:5 against AlphaGO in October 2015. You can download all 5 games as SGF (zipped / unzipped). The astonishing result is seen as a seriously test for the developers of Deepmind around founder Demis Hassabis.

Lee Sedol announced end of February 2016 during a press conference (see pictures) that he is very confident to win 5:0, at least his personal target is 3:2 which would be a big disapointment for him personally (see translation of the interview in the Lifein 19×19 Forum).

On 9th March 2016 starts the live stream of first day on Youtube
at 04:30 am CET / 13:00 KST (= 8th March 20:00 PT / 23:00 ET)




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