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Cosmic Style, SanRenSei

Cosmic style, big frame work, Japanese opening… Are u a San-Ren-Sei player?

Within the Go community are going steady and lifely discussions about one (as amateur) can progress, or even should progress.

Over centuries the Go game we all lover so much, was affected by trends and fashion, as every other parts of societies… Game rules changed, different styles had been progressed within the different houses / clans: Honinbo, Hayashi, Inoue and Yasui (about the 4 major schools of GO from beginning of 17th century on some details here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Four_go_houses ).

Beginners mostly are teached to avoid playing in “big moyos” (claimed regions by stones within the fuseki) as – by statistics – its not realistic to keep huge territories alive and save.

Personally I see it more that San-Ren-Sei in tendency has a negative stigma to be weak by its 4-4 opening (known as Japanese Opening) and playing in a big framework. Nowadays we see often the Chinese opening (4-3). Instead the facts say something differently: Statistically seen the Japanese opening is same successfully by winning as the (small) Chinese opening, round about 47-48% of all games in the SGF databases.

One of the well known players of our times is Masaki Takemiya, a Go professional from Japane (details: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masaki_Takemiya ), who established the San-Ren-Sei style (3- Star-point opening) in the 80th, later known as the “Cosmic Style“, playing in ‘big moyo’.

Playing San-Ren-Sei requires different skills compared with other styles, by its nature. No doubt: San-Ren-Sei is not a style for every kind of player.

How to proof if you can become a successfully San-Ren-Sei player ? – Tks to Masaki Takemiya who is offering a cost free online test you can proof if you have the strength to play San-Ren-Sei. Its quick done within some minutes (and its cost free).

Just click following link on his website for the SRS test : http://sanrensei.info/test.php

(!!! Short notice !!! The website sanrensei.info owned by Russian Go professional Alexandre Dinerchtein has no access for now, the whole site is down 😦 . I have written on 14th Oct a direct mail to Alexandre. Hope we can get this test back and the site sanrensei.info is up soon.)

Pls leave here your result after making the test (clicking the reply button), so San-Ren-Sei players can get in contact with each other and learn from each other to play successfully and progress in this style. (Rec.: On my own I got 225 points of 300. So in tendency I have the character to play San-Ren-Sei successfully.)

Have fun with… Enjoy playing GO !


About LinuxGooo

I am a real Go Beginner… but I like to learn and have fun with. And I fell in love with playing for influence (mainly San-RenSei fuseki, Cosmic style) as white and black. … 26th Jan 2014 I started on KGS (as 6-7kyu since Sept), another global GO Server on the web. On 4th March 2014 I registrated on OGS (Online Go Server). In July I began to play on Korean servers, on Tygem (10kyu) and on Wbaduk (11kyu). If possible by time, I like to have reviews and analysis of my games, which helps to progress (beside observing/Kibitzing Dan games). – My special thanks go to different KGS teachers/players for audio lectures and individual reviews: Dsaun (N.Y.), Battusai, TapJoshua (4D), Troll (2D), MXHero (5D), Shygost (3D), Mingjiu Jiang (7P)… not to forget all the other KGS players who offered me their knowledge and shared their personal experiences. My special tks go to Dsaun for his audio lecture “Shape” (on 22nd Febr 2014) which was the first step into a systemtical learning. Currently I study with www.321go.org and with the first GO book: “Graded Go Problems for Beginners” (Vol. 1-4) by Kano Yoshinori. Volume 1: Introductory Problems Volume 2: Elementary Problems VOlume 3: Intermediate Problems Volume 4: Advanced Problems For individual “offline training” I experimented with and use different bot programmes: Aya 6.34 (1k), Oakfoam GNU Go 3.8 and Zenith 4.4. better known as Zen (5k-5D) (Rec.: Running these bots I use as front end (Goban) Drago.) For editing/rediting SGF files the programme MultiGo 4 is suitable. Have fun behind the board…


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    Posted by JahLion | May 14, 2016, 10:40 pm

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