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World Mind Games 2014: Count down till 11th Dec… still 28 days to go till start in Bejing!

Counting down till 11th December: World Mind Games 2014. – Still 28 days to go till start in Bejing!


How is Go like travelling? – Watch the international Go ambassador, Hajin Lee (Go Pro from Korea) of the IGF (Intern. Go Federation), explaining it to you…

Go at the SportAccord World Mind Games 2014

The Go events at the SportAccord World Mind Games 2014 are held under the auspices of the International Go Federation (IGF). Thirty players (18 men and 12 women) will participate.

The competition format will comprise a Men’s Team and Women’s Individual event and Pair event. For all matches, the China Weiqi Competition Rules are used.

The Men’s Team event is composed of 6 teams and each one has 3 players. Single Round Robin system will be applied with a total of 5 rounds. The time allowance is 2 hours per player, followed by 5 renewable 60-seconds overtime periods.

The Women’s Individual event is composed of 12 players. Double Knock-out system will be applied with a total of 7 rounds. The time allowance is 1 hour per player, followed by 3 renewable 30-seconds overtime periods. The top 4 teams in the 1st edition team event are allowed to have one player receiving a bye in first round. Players’ will be matched according to numbers determined by drawing during the Technical Meeting before the competition starts. Players from the same country or region may be matched against each other except in the 1st round.

The Pairs event is composed of 8 pairs (4 from Asia, 3 from Europe, 1 from North America), single knock-out system will be applied, with a total of 3 rounds. The time allowance is 1 hour per player, followed by 3 renewable 30-seconds overtime periods.

Mor infos on the offficial website and facebook

Participate in the Online Tournament 2014 of the 4th Edition of tthe WMG …


Come play in the Go Online Tournament. Different divisions for all levels of play. Cash prizes, Samsung Tablets, Rado Watches for the winners and some great lottery prizes for those who register and participate. Click below to get playing!

Introduction to Go


Go is a board game that combines a very simple rule set, an ancient history, and yet a level of sophistication unrivaled by any mind sports. Played on a 19×19 grid, players alternate in placing stones (black and white) on the intersection points of the grid. The object of the game is to surround the most empty grid intersections (points) by surround them or by capturing the opponent’s stones that occupy these grid points.

Go is the most popular game in Asia where it originated. In China and Korea, Go exceeds golf and ALL other sports in capturing TV audiences. Go players command prize moneys enjoyed in the West only by the top golf, football, and basketball players.

Perhaps the most challenging aspect of Go is that to this day Go remains the ONLY mind sport as yet unsolved by artificial intelligence. Computer playing programs, for example, remain unmatched by even the modestly strong amateur players. As such, it can be said that Go is the last stronghold of “human intelligence” against its “artificial” counterpart.

More infos here for the Pandanet Cup (Online GO Tournament): ENG @ Pandanet



About LinuxGooo

I am a real Go Beginner… but I like to learn and have fun with. And I fell in love with playing for influence (mainly San-RenSei fuseki, Cosmic style) as white and black. … 26th Jan 2014 I started on KGS (as 6-7kyu since Sept), another global GO Server on the web. On 4th March 2014 I registrated on OGS (Online Go Server). In July I began to play on Korean servers, on Tygem (10kyu) and on Wbaduk (11kyu). If possible by time, I like to have reviews and analysis of my games, which helps to progress (beside observing/Kibitzing Dan games). – My special thanks go to different KGS teachers/players for audio lectures and individual reviews: Dsaun (N.Y.), Battusai, TapJoshua (4D), Troll (2D), MXHero (5D), Shygost (3D), Mingjiu Jiang (7P)… not to forget all the other KGS players who offered me their knowledge and shared their personal experiences. My special tks go to Dsaun for his audio lecture “Shape” (on 22nd Febr 2014) which was the first step into a systemtical learning. Currently I study with www.321go.org and with the first GO book: “Graded Go Problems for Beginners” (Vol. 1-4) by Kano Yoshinori. Volume 1: Introductory Problems Volume 2: Elementary Problems VOlume 3: Intermediate Problems Volume 4: Advanced Problems For individual “offline training” I experimented with and use different bot programmes: Aya 6.34 (1k), Oakfoam GNU Go 3.8 and Zenith 4.4. better known as Zen (5k-5D) (Rec.: Running these bots I use as front end (Goban) Drago.) For editing/rediting SGF files the programme MultiGo 4 is suitable. Have fun behind the board…



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