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32nd Rahlstedter Tengen (8th/9th Nov 2014)… 7x SanRenSei/Cosmic Style (part 2 of 2)

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… with 2nd day (9th November 2014) here come my tournament results in details. Overall: 3:4 (win:loss)

… seems that I play better as white in my SanRenSei games. All wins I made I started with 2nd move. 🙂

8th Nov 20014… 2:2
round 1 (1st win against 15k): w+11.5 (white: 68+komi 6.5; black: 63)
round 2 (1st loss against 11k): w+34.5 (black: 58; white: 86+komi 6.5)
round 3 (2nd loss against 18k): w+8.5 (black: 76; white: 78+komi 6.5)
round 4 (2nd win against 18k): w+68.5 (white: +komi 6.5; black: )

9th Nov 20014… 1:2 
round 5 (3rd win against 16k): w+14.5 (white: 57+komi 6.5; black: 49)
round 6 (3rd loss against 14k): w+4.5 (black: 69; white: 73+reduced komi 0.5)
round 7 (4th loss against 20k*): b+15.5 (white: 62+reduced komi 0.5; black: 78 with 4 handi stones)

*) The tournamnt organizer set on 2nd day for my two last games reduced komi (from 6.5 to 0.5) and for my 7th game he even gave 4 handi stones to black. As the tournament counted only 37 players in Group B, so the refugee argumented, he had to make this decision. (Rec.: In my opinion it is a wrong decision to play tournmant games with handi stones. As it is documented in specific GO books about playing with or against handicap its a total different game and limits the player to realize his own strategy.)

Two more pics of my games I played on Sunday, 9th Nov 20014…

3rd win (round 5):  w+14.5 (white: 57+komi 6.5; black: 49)

This game was a diseasters for black after its Chinese fuseki with an old fashion extention of bottom left corner C4-E4 (which comes into fasion again so I see it here and there being played)… starting an attack inside white’ right side on P4-P5 ended deadly. Black was split on left side by purpose into two groups and didnt manage it there to create some living eyes (e.g. with F10)… interesting the seki on top side.
231247d5e6588b1507adaa7c96a8316294a9139530cf (1)

3rd loss (round 6):  w+4.5 (black: 69; white: 73+reduced komi 0.5)

The most intersting game of the whole tournament and most joyful one. – I had a KO thread on N9 to cut white’s invasion which let me win the game easily. – But White didnt follow through all Ko threats… and connected too early.
Actually I do not count accurate during the game, as it takes all my concentration to focus on playing the strategy an Go techniques… still something to learn urgently.
2311819410f897174b4725373c1e63ed33c98aeeb381 (1)

Many tks to all my opponents giving me the chance to play them and to progress in GO… tks to Lukka T., Lev Pak (6:1 overall). Manuel Sch. (5:2 overall), Quinten V., Quan L., Christian Sch. and Franziska S.

In my understanding its more than just fun to spend a whole weekend with intensive GO; tournament games with long playtimes set the right frame to demonstrate own skills after many hours of GO studies… its the ultimate proof of own strength, skills and weaknesses become visible…. still some homework to do. 🙂

… remembering, that I played KIDO Cup in June 2014 (my 1st tournament) with a very modest result of 1:6 and 15kyu rating (EGF) it seems that I progressed little bit over last 5 months. At all I play now 8.5 months Go and it needs patiency to climb up the “official tournament” ranking (EGF). – During the 32nd Rahlstedter Tengen I lost two games (6th and 7th) purely by own careless mistakes (and not by the strength of my opponents) so I have to work on playing more contiunuously stable, corner fights, bending (haengma) and counting.

CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS OVER ALL ! … and one more time a demonstration of Asian (over)dominance in the world of GO.

  • Group A (5-1kys + Dans): Ji Lu (4D)… 7:0 (2nd in 2013, 1st in 2012)
  • Group B (6 kyus and lower): Ling Xu (6k)… 7:0

prize giving ceremony for Group B (winner: Ling Xu (3rd from right).
2301e9f4947ca565c252912662845309219ea50785e9 (1)

group photo with winners of Group A and B (Ji Lu, the winner of Group A in third row, middle):
2302b122f3b4f8716e34dcd5d7b5b09edb29a324ecc2 (1)

Tks to the organizers and refugees Patrick Brunner (5K) and Thomas Nohr (3D) … the Rahlstedter Go Club, the Hamburg Federal Go Association and tks to Steffi Hebsacker (4K) for organizing the chilrends tournament on Sunday morning (see next posting)

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About LinuxGooo

I am a real Go Beginner… but I like to learn and have fun with. And I fell in love with playing for influence (mainly San-RenSei fuseki, Cosmic style) as white and black. … 26th Jan 2014 I started on KGS (as 6-7kyu since Sept), another global GO Server on the web. On 4th March 2014 I registrated on OGS (Online Go Server). In July I began to play on Korean servers, on Tygem (10kyu) and on Wbaduk (11kyu). If possible by time, I like to have reviews and analysis of my games, which helps to progress (beside observing/Kibitzing Dan games). – My special thanks go to different KGS teachers/players for audio lectures and individual reviews: Dsaun (N.Y.), Battusai, TapJoshua (4D), Troll (2D), MXHero (5D), Shygost (3D), Mingjiu Jiang (7P)… not to forget all the other KGS players who offered me their knowledge and shared their personal experiences. My special tks go to Dsaun for his audio lecture “Shape” (on 22nd Febr 2014) which was the first step into a systemtical learning. Currently I study with www.321go.org and with the first GO book: “Graded Go Problems for Beginners” (Vol. 1-4) by Kano Yoshinori. Volume 1: Introductory Problems Volume 2: Elementary Problems VOlume 3: Intermediate Problems Volume 4: Advanced Problems For individual “offline training” I experimented with and use different bot programmes: Aya 6.34 (1k), Oakfoam GNU Go 3.8 and Zenith 4.4. better known as Zen (5k-5D) (Rec.: Running these bots I use as front end (Goban) Drago.) For editing/rediting SGF files the programme MultiGo 4 is suitable. Have fun behind the board…


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