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Video lecture (BadukMovies): A Chinese Tesuji against Moyo (03/26/2012)

We SanRenSei players are aware about the risks, chances and fun playing for influence and starting a game with a 3-star point opening (San-RenSei fuseki). To be successfully we need to be aware of the strength and weaknesses such centre oriented / big moyo style has. 

Therefore its a good advice to take a closer look at how opponents like to prepare themselfs to fight against San-RenSei. – With following video lecture we get a good source to understand this thinking and how the middle stone (Q10) can come into troubles. Blacks original plan of creating a moyo can be destroyed completly if not being protected by time.


Tks to BadukMovies in the Netherlands for this video lecture. 

topic: A Chinese tesuji against moyo (Episode #2)
level: 5k to 6d
authors: Peter Brouwer (6D) and Kim Ouweeln (4D)
length: 10:40 min. (29.7 MB)

badukmovies_logo-7e9f8156704598d5ce82312c4b42b532(03-26-2012/BadukMovies.com) In this screencast, BadukMovies (which started in March 2012) shows an interesting “trick”-move that Kim O. learned when he was studying Go in China. It is suitable for combatting moyo positions like the San-RenSei, e.g. in moyo games when the opponent has two high stones, one positioned on a hoshi starpoint (4-4 corner stone on Q16) and the other on a centre starpoint nearby (B on Q10). A perfect example is the san-ren-sei fuseki formation which you will see in the video lecture.

There are some minor drawbacks to the trick play Peter and Kim show you in this episode. However, when used at the right moment and under the right circumstances, this move can be powerful and a refreshing addition to your joseki knowledge (as territory oriented player).

As we cannot embedd this video into our MySRS blog system, pls visit BadukMovie’s archive directly. If the player should not start (which happens different times) download from there the clip to watch it offline. [Rec.: The mp4 formatted file can be watched with freeware video players (e.g. VLC)].


For your individual Go training pick up the SGF here:  Eidogo | OGS


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Four San-RenSei Games as white – Can w win with Cosmic Style ?

Can White win with San-RenSei / Cosmic Style ?

… in tendency exists the opinion about San-RenSei that it is mainly an opening for black, and the chances for playing this fuseki as white to win are very low.

I dont agree totally… as I play San-RenSei – as black and as white. Being one stone behind as white makes it (little bit more) difficult to realize a SRS fuseki and placing the centre stone first to claim the big centre-oriented moyo. But its possible.. and I take it as challenge… and as a training wheel to play under difficult conditions.

Here four (4) games with San-RenSei I played shortly as white (10kyu) on OGS with following opponents:

1.) 2014-10-17… [Satomi][1], 11k… w+res
2.) 2014-10-20… [awe][2] (aka wow), 12k… w+19.5
3.) 2014-10-25… [brykim1][3], 16k… w+res
4.) 2014-11-06… [LeandroSilva][4], 16k… w+43.5

Tks to all opponents… more important than winning a game is to learn from, as it shows own weaknesses, risky situations and what has been missed to play for avoiding a loss.

Take yourself a view at if you like to learn more about San-RenSei:

1.) 2014-10-17: LinuxGooo (10k) vs. Satomi (11k)… w+res

Narrow fights and aggressive attacks as black did already with 3rd move on C14 instead first complete own Chinese fuseki on right sight very often self damaging. In Go first counts safetyness and to secure the living of own stones… greedyness is punished in GO as quickly its about fighting for own surviving ( own review as SGS here: Eidogo | OGS ).

986652-160-LinuxGooo-Satomi.sgf (5.6 KB)

For your individual Go training pick up the SGF here:  Eidogo | OGS

2.) 2014-10-20: LinuxGooo (10k) vs. awe aka wow (12k)… w+19.5

I havent thought to win after black attacked left side… pushed white upwards with a wall on G8-G10. Black’s jump on J13 was little bit risky which allowed white to sneak in via G11. Shapes can only being played for specific situations, the knight move has its own weakness as we can see in this situation (see keima = small knight jump: http://senseis.xmp.net/?Keima and ogeima = large knight move: http://senseis.xmp.net/?LargeKnightsMove ).
Black’s tigre mouth D8-E9-E7 (another shape) I felt was insane and a hard attack… black missed to connect via D7 which gave white the chance for a huge left side. Black took many little risks in this game which was no urgent need. So black pushed himself into own weaknesses…

976944-236-LinuxGooo-wow.sgf (11.5 KB)

For your individual Go training pick up the SGF here:  Eidogo | OGS

3.) 2014-10-25: LinuxGooo (10k) vs. brykim1 (16k)… w+res

The loss for black is simple to explain: Missing a group with two living eyes… running, running, running over the whole board (F3 – P5)… and then dying with white’s move 154 (J7) the chance for 2nd eye was destroyed. Too many weak groups and constantly playing in gote are often the reason to loose a game.

1009885-171-LinuxGooo-brykim1.sgf (1.7 KB)

For your individual Go training pick up the SGF here:  Eidogo | OGS

4.) 2014-11-06: LinuxGooo (10k) vs. LeandroSilva (16k)… w+43.5

Black missed to recognize by time that white plays San-RenSei/Cosmic Style… and therefore didnt take care for the right timing to invade via its stone on M12 into white’s moyo. Two other mistakes supported white to expand into a huge moyo: (A) playing too defensive on right side which gave white a big inside wall Q4-Q7 – (B) Black focussed on bottom left corner with move 57 (D3) instead pushing white back on G4…

983357-192-LinuxGooo-LeandroSilva.sgf (2.8 KB)

For your individual Go training pick up the SGF here:  Eidogo | OGS

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