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14-16 Nov 2014: 17th GO to INNOVATION in Berlin (pre-announcment)

17th “Go to Innovation” in Berlin
November 14-16, 2014

Go, Baduk or Weiqi, as this strategy game is called in in Japan, Korea respectively China, is considered to be the worlds oldes board game. The rules are easy, but there is nearly unlimited number of ways to play. You can become hooked on Go easily. Go is very appreciated in these three countries. A number of companies hire Go teaches for their employees to improve their strategic excellence, power of concentration and social competence.

To attract more attention to this game in Germany and Europe Dr. Martin Sattelkau started to develop the new annual tournament “**Go to Innovation**” in 2003. Supported by Alexander Eckert who developed the necessary software, the first tournament was held in November 2004. Since that time the tournament takes place regularly. The venue is the “Manfred von Ardenne – Gewerbezentrum” in the Innovationspark Wuhlheide

Go to Innovation” is supported by the Go-Verband Berlin and the fm-one Managment Services GmbH. But, without the generous sponsorship of our partners the tournament would not be feasible. So special thanks goes to our sponsors, in particular to our main sponsor, Innovationspark Wuhlheide Managmentgesellschaft mbH.

You can download the invitation as a pdf document

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(more about all sponsors here)

Venue: Innovationspark Wuhlheide
Gewerbezentrum (business centre) „Manfred von Ardenne“
Köpenicker Straße 325 (house 40), 12555 Berlin

How to reach us: www.ipw-berlin.de
(The venue is near the S-Bahn station Wuhlheide, free parking and a cafeteria are available.)

Start & End: Friday, registration at the venue is possible from 4.00 pm, Sunday, approx. 5.00 pm

Rounds: 8 rounds (Friday: 2 rounds; Saturday: 4 rounds; Sunday: 2 rounds)

Rounds start: Friday at 6:00 pm, Saturday at 10.00 am, Sunday at 10:00 am
Attention! In the last round on Sunday the first board starts 60 min. later.

Thinking time:
– Friday: 60 minutes
– Saturday: 60 minutes, Sunday: 75 minutes

Byoyomi (progressive): 20 stones/5 min., 25 stones/5 min., 30 stones/5 min. etc.

Komi: 6,5 Komi for white in games without handicap, 0,5 Komi for white Handicap reduced by 0 stones (max 9, according total score)

System: Hahn-System (http://goblin.spiel-go.de/pages/description/en.html)
Single Point Score, skipping a round: 25 pts, a bye: 100 pts, stand by man: 50 pts

Ranking and Results: Ranking (min.) will be according to the EGF-rating list with weight 0,5 (Startscore=GoR*0,5); Top-Bar: no; The results will be send to EGF.

1st prize: 1.000 €
2nd prize: 500 €
3rd prize: 250 €
4th prize: 150 €
5th-10th prize: 100 €
11th-20th prize: Go-book
3 consolation prizes: Go-book
Omikron Data Quality GmbH-Prize for the best female gamer: 500 €
Jackpot: 500 € for 8 wins
(to receive prizes you need to play at least 6 regular rounds and you need to attend the prizegiving ceremony)

Entry fee: 25 € for payments until 04.11.2014 (early bird rebate),
otherwise 35 €, youths before their 16th will pay 10 €.

Bank account: Commerzbank AG (Account-No.: 0532505500, BLZ: 100 800 00 )
International Code: IBAN DE35100800000532505500, BIC: DRESDEFF100
Account holder: Sattelkau
(last name, first name, strength and hometown or club)

Registration deadline: 45 min. before the round at which you want to start for the first time

Accommodation: http://www.nh-hotels.de/nh/de/hotels/deutschland/berlin/nh-berlintreptow.html or

Go Shop: Hebsacker Verlag will be represented with a large shop for material and books. That shop will not present the whole range of products, but on request they accept (not binding) pre-orders by e-mail to info@hebsacker-verlag.de.

Miscellaneous: There will be free draught beer in the Cafeteria from noon on Saturday.

Information: In relation with the tournament and its results all legal proceedings are excluded. The organizer reserves the right to limit the number of participants.

Organizer: Dr. Martin Sattelkau (Schmöckwitzer Damm 18, 12527 Berlin) supported by Go-Verband Berlin e.V.
Contact: kontakt@msattelkau.de, 0049 (0)177 / 30 34 566

15th Go to Innovation (pictures by Jaromir Sir)

pre-registrations for 2014 (Name / Strength / Country / Town) … status: 27th Sept 2014
Fu, Yaqi 6Dan OT / Uppsala
Silt, Ondrej 6Dan CZ / AKun
Kruml, Ondrej 5Dan CZ / Brno
Welticke, Jonas 5Dan DE / BN
Berben, Tobias 4Dan DE / HH
Seibt, David 4Dan DE / Berl
Knoepke, Matthias 1Dan DE / K
Wohabi, Maurice 1Dan DE / B
Fr?czak, Jan 1Kyu PL / Warszawa
Sattelkau, Martin 4Kyu DE / B
Neumann, Joachim 5Kyu ES / Barcelona
De_Gibert, Lluis 13Kyu ES / Barc


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