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For Beginners: Dsaun’s legendary Shape lecture again on 18th Oct 2014

(26th Sept 2014) – OGS did a first step into lectures from dans wth the [GO Learn Week 2014 (in Sept)][1] and hopefully we can see more qualified GO teachers on OGS giving steadily lectures and reviews. As we all know OGS is a young GO server, so it will take time to get a bunch of very experienced GO teachers, with good pedagogic skills. – Meanwhile beginners must search for any form of good sources to learn GO, e.g. videos, books, workshops, lectures etc. …

When I started with GO playing on KGS ( http://www.gokgs.com ) end of January 2014 I had luck, that shortly one month after beginning I got the chance to participate in **dsaun’s (audio) lecture** about **shapes**. dsaun (1Dan) is teaching Go since many years and has specialized to advice DDKs (double digit kyus). – It was very helpfully for me to learn from dsaun about shapes, and herewith to read a game and the moves of my opponent better and to make more efficient moves which let work the stones together.

(extract from Dsaun’s shape lecture on 22nd Febr 2014)

Pls take notice following date aimed for players 10k-24k (but stronger players can enjoy the example games):

Dsaun’s AUDIO LECTURE – SHAPE (final presentation)

Good basic shapes in running fights. All welcome – no fee. Tentatively 10/18/14 at 03:00 pm UTC ( [what is it in my local time?][2] ), in the KGS Teaching Ladder room, under “Lessons”. 40 min lecture, then dan-level example games. Aimed for players 10k-24k, but stronger players can enjoy the example games. The whole thing lasts 4-5 hours.**

About Dsaun (Source: [Going all the way to Pro][3])
++ He was born in Germany (as an U.S. citizen) and his mother emigrated from Hamburg (my home city) to USA + He speaks French + He loves Go (especially teaching it) + He started playing Go seriously in 1993 though he first learned the rules in 1975 ++

Enjoy playing GO !  

(P.S.: If you have any further questions you can contact dsaun directly [via email][4] or on KGS (username: dsaun). Please include “KGS” in the subject line if you should write an email, so that it doesn’t get trapped dsaun’s spam filter)

[1]: https://mysanrensei.wordpress.com/2014/07/04/world-biggest-go-event-learn-go-week-13th-sept-2014/
[2]: http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=18.%20October%2015:00%20UTC%20in%20my%20local%20time
[3]: http://30kto1d.blogspot.de/2012/03/dsauns-shape-lectures.html
[4]: mailto:dsaun@panix.com


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