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Havanna: Cuban and Mexican Kids Get Together for Go…

How to attract GO to girls ?

It has to be “very girlish” so it seems…. a group of teens from Havana (Cuba) playing GO during a tournament…

Wearing promo textile like a GO Pro…

training media competences during the tournament…

Cuba-Mexico Tournament 2014…

Cuban and Mexican Kids Get Together for Go in Havana
(original published on Friday, 25 April 2014 09:18)

Cuba and Mexico held their first primary school go exchange this April at the Cuban Go Academy in the Eduardo Saborit Sports Complex in Havana. Five Mexican and seven Cuban primary shool students competed in a four-round Swiss System on the 14th and 15th (Monday and Tuesday), also finding time for a game of soccer on Monday and a beach house visit on Tuesday. Then after an instructional class, game commentaries, and a social event, the exchange concluded with a 13 x 13 pair go tournament on April 18 (Friday) in which the Mexicans took Cuban partners. The individual Swiss System, which made the Tuesday sports news on Cuban TV, was won by Carlos Manuel Alfonso Basabe (Cuba, age 9) while Diego Armando Luciano Cortes (Mexico, age 7) finished second. In the pair competition, Carlos teamed up with Daniela Luciano Cortes (Mexico, age 9) to take first place. The entire event appeared on Cuban TV again when sports commentator Yimmy Castillo covered it in his Sunday Pulso Deportivo (Sports Pulse) program.

Participants at the 2014 Cuba-Mexico primary school go exchange.

The Mexican players were accompanied by parents and by Siddhartha Avila (Program Director, Mexican Youth Go Community / Univ. of Michigan The Cultural Ambassador Go Program / GCAIP co-founder from Pipiolo Elementary School), who teaches go to primary school children in Mexico. During the five days, these grown-ups and their Cuban counterparts discussed topics of mutual interest, such as the educational systems in the two countries and methods of teaching go. The exchange grew out of a 2013 visit to Cuba by go players from the United States, who then met Siddhartha at the 2013 U.S. Go Congress and told him about the **Cuban Go Academy’s program for children of primary-school age**. Siddhartha contacted the Cubans, and the idea of an exchange was born. In organizing the exchange, the Cuban Go Academy obtained support from the Mexican ‘Pipiolo’ Center for Primary School Educational and Artistic Research, as well as from Cuba’s National Institute for Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (INDER) and from Cubadeportes (Cuba Sports).
This go exchange was the first of its kind in Latin America, and the organizers described it as a great success. In future years the Cuban Go Academy hopes to expand it to include more Latin American countries where go is taught to children. In the more immediate future, they are preparing for a ten-day visit in May by twenty Spanish-speaking Japanese players representing Japan’s Sociedad de Intercambio Internacional de Go (Society for International Go Exchange), and in the more distant future, they dream of holding a World Amateur Go Championship in Havana. (Source: The International Go Federation)


(Picture Source: Gimnasio de Go 圍棋 wéiqí, 囲碁 igo, 바둑 baduk)



Mexico: 1st Torneo Internacional Interclubes sub-18 (07/27/2014)

Some more pics (from Mexico) documenting the 1st Torneo Internacional Interclubes sub-18Las Tres Águilas” have taken place on 27th July 2014 via the Online Go  Server (OGS).

Poster… with OGS URL for the online based tournament
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Results… congrats to Proano Joaqin (1st), Mena Mateo (2nd), Mimiza Ruiz Benja (3rd) and all the other participants


(Source: Facebook – Gimnasio de Go 圍棋 wéiqí, 囲碁 igo, 바둑 baduk)

Mexico-Chile-Ecuador Youth Tourneys… Iberoamerican Online Go Tournament

great… and congrats to OGS – Online Go Server (www.online-go.com) !

(Source: American Go E-Journal – http://www.usgo.org/news/2014/09/mexico-chile-ecuador-youth-tourneys-a-first/ )

Mexico-Chile-Ecuador Youth Tourneys a First
Wednesday September 17, 2014

(GO Server OGS / Photo: kids from Gimnasio de Go enjoy themselves playing against Chile.)

“Go is getting interesting in Latin America,” reports Mexican organizer Siddhartha Avila (Program Director, Mexican Youth Go Community / Univ. of Michigan The Cultural Ambassador Go Program / GCAIP co-founder from Pipiolo Elementary School), “we’ve been organizing online tournaments for kids with Chile and Ecuador, and they have been a great success. I’ll be at the Iberoamerican Go Tournament in Quito, Ecuador (Oct 9-12) and I hope to meet some of the other organizers in person. We held the very first children’s online match between Chile and Mexico on June 28th, with the participation of twenty children from both countries! We used the OGS Go Server for this match. Go servers like KGS, OGS, IGS** are widely used for tournaments or matches between countries in Latin America, and locally, the biggest of them being the Iberoamerican Online Go Tournament organized by Federación Iberoamericana de Go, its 15th edition last year drew more than 100 players.”

For the Chile-Mexico match, there where kids from 5 different schools in Punta Arenas, Chile: Colegio Luterano, Escuela Pedro Pablo Lemaitre, Escuela Juan Williams, Escuela Contardi, Escuela Manuel Bulnes. The match was organized by Club de Go Aonken and their teacher, Sebastián Montiel. On the Mexican side, all the players were from Escuela de Arte Pipiolo and Gimnasio de Go in Mexico City. “It was a great experience, that fills us with joy and enthusiasm to continue sharing go with children of our city, and around the world,” said Montiel

“We’ve had online matches with other schools in the US and Canada before,” said Avila, “especially with Peter Freedman’s students (Portland, OR) and in tourneys like Tiger’s Mouth, the School Team Tournament by the AGHS, or the AGA’s NAKC. We were glad to receive Sebastián’s invitation to play the Chile-Mexico match, and we have in mind inviting more countries where we know there are go programs, or go is taught to children. Ecuador, Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Brasil and Cuba, all come to mind,” adds Avila. Mexico won the matches 8 – 2, full results, and pictures, can be seen here. A report on the first Chile-Ecuador-Mexico match will run in next week’s E-J. -Paul Barchilon, E-J Youth Editor.

Here on OGS the games being played on 28th June 2014:

  1. Matías Salinas, Colegio Luterano v/s Diego A. Luciano, Escuela de Arte Pipiolo:
  2. Esteban Orellana, Colegio Luterano v/s Leonardo P. Valdovinos, Escuela de Arte Pipiolo:
  3. Maximiliano Lobos, Escuela Pedro Pablo Lemaitre v/s Mateo Nava, Escuela de Arte Pipiolo:
  4. Anastasia Sanhueza, Escuela Juan Williams v/s Diego Ali Manjarrez, Escuela de Arte Pipiolo:
  5. Maria Trinidad Villanueva, Colegio Luterano v/s Axel Fematt, Escuela de Arte Pipiolo:
  6. Joaquín Oyarzo, Escuela Contardi v/s Sebastián Bañuelos, Escuela de Arte Pipiolo:
  7. Amira Burgos, Escuela Contardi v/s Thadeé Márquez, Escuela de Arte Pipiolo:
  8. Mauricio Ojeda, Escuela Manuel Bulnes v/s Humberto Zamora, Escuela de Arte Pipiolo:
  9. Aylin Ojeda, Escuela Manuel Bulnes v/s Fernanda Zamora, Escuela de Arte Pipiolo:
  10. Maria Trinidad Villanueva, Colegio Luterano v/s Emilio Bañuelos, Escuela de Arte Pipiolo:

Some more pictures… (all images from here)

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