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First Correspondence Game with SanRenSei finished (09/22/2014)

My last qualification game (of 5) I finished on 22nd September to get ridd off my provisional rank on OGS.

It was an interesting, extremly centre oriented game, where I overlet whole top side to white. The main fight took place in black’s moyo with the target to destroy there white completly, and same to kill white’s group on right side. I set on the right but same risky strategy to get the win b+58.5.

Tks to Jolly Joseki (7k) giving me the chance to play such a long correspondence game over 6 weeks.. it was very teachable for me.


768378-225-Jolly Joseki-LinuxGooo-19092014-1.sgf (2.1 KB)

With move 106 on G1 white managed a big thread with the attempt to connect its centre group. I accepted this attack by purpose, same allowing the invasion with white’s connection stone on N14 (move 84). White’s attempt to invade 2nd time with hane J8 after move 176 (H9) failed by misreading liberties (I know this very well in my own games, can happen).

You can do an individual review or SGF download here: Eidogo | OGS


09/21/2014: 1st regular ranked live game (San-RenSei/Cosmic Style) on OGS

Yesterday I played my first “regular”, ranked game on OGS after I have fixed my rank with 11k… what else: I played with a SanRenSei opening. (Rec.: Tks to bad guy Rikhon (9k/OGS) pushing me into it (whom I played later on 09/27/2014) as I had no real intention to play on Sunday evening as I play minimum 45 minutes games (+ 5×20 sec. bioyomoi)).

Tks to Dostoevskiy (9k/OGS) for giving me this opportunity. It was a very tough fight with a KO in centre, and a successfully living group by white inside black’s moyo. Therefor I had a very low expectation to win this game (result: b+15.5).

At move 198 the potentials for white were still 0.5 points winning the game. The endgame (yose) made 15 points black came back into the winning zone.

At all it was a uniquly game situation for me I experienced first time that way (after playing more than 300 SRS games).

904572-281-Dostoevskiy-LinuxGooo-21092014-1.sgf (6.0 KB)

You can do an individual review or SGF download here: Eidogo | OGS

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