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HAENGMA… correct (reasonable) moves in local fights

I am playing (and more studying) now GO little bit more than seven (7) months… beside playing it becomes clear that Go is a very complexe game which needs many diffferent skills, techniques to become a successfully and strong Go player.

Astoningly over the last months never came accross my path ther term “Haengma“. I recognized during [my exercises on 321go.org][1] that I have a very low understanding about Haengma. It is an important go-term from Korea.

What does Haengma mean ?

The literal meaning of the Korean Go term is “*the movement of horses [stones].*” It is used to describe the way a stone is developing, flowing, and preventing the opponent’s stones from developing in a local context. Correct and reasonable haeng-ma will make your local position solid, strong, and efficient, and eventually this good local position will be converted into territory. (Source: [Sensei’s Library][2])

Korean fighting style and Haengma

Koreans are very well known for their fighting skills, as I experienced personally after having played on KoreanGo servers since beginning of July round about 300 games (on Tygem 80 games / 10 kyu and on Wbaduk 220 games / 11 kyu).

Comparing the Korean players with my experiences on KGS and OGS I would like to say, its more they train moves with a detailled knowledge about Haengma… its not just because of the Asian menthality. – You can find a big video and text tutorial about Haengma on Wbaduk cost free. E.g.


  1. Haengma [3]
  2. The Way of Haenga 1-5 [4]
  3. Fast-Paced Haengma [5]

Text lecture… (SGF)

Haengma [6]

(Rec.: You get access cost free to all Wbaduk lectures, given by High Dan Pros cost free after registration on the website.)

I have put together some Haengma problems (puzzles) with friendly permission from 321go.org in three categories for now, available on OGS:

A; Strengthen starts here: http://online-go.com/puzzle/66
B: Bend after attachment starts here: http://online-go.com/puzzle/73 and
C: Stretch after bend starts here: http://online-go.com/puzzle/79

Some other categories will follow as a short extract, e.g. “cross cut”… or you go directly to 321go.org [7] and do the fully exercises (more than 3,700) there. It’s worth to registrate there an do the fully curriculum which helps you to climb up to 10kyu more easily and for playing safely with a stable rank.


Have fun with GO !

[1]: https://mysanrensei.wordpress.com/2014/09/06/fully-go-curriculum-is-online-again-321go-in-7-languages-availabe/
[2]: http://senseis.xmp.net/?HaengMaTutorialForBeginners
[3]: http://www.wbaduk.com/lecture/lecture_text.asp?Lecture_div_no=14&mode=2
[4]: http://www.wbaduk.com/lecture/lecture_text.asp?Lecture_div_no=17&mode=2
[5]: http://www.wbaduk.com/lecture/lecture_text.asp?Lecture_div_no=9&mode=2
[6]: http://www.wbaduk.com/lecture/lecture_text.asp?Lecture_div_no=4&Lecture_Sub_No=76&mode=1
[7]: http://www.321go.org

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