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What are your dreams ? And: Where is your Happyness playing GO ?

What are your dreams ? And: Where is your Happyness playing GO ? – You might ask yourself: Why am I coming up with this question:

We all know, that sometimes – in our Go studies or playing ranked games – we can have moments of frustration, desperation and doubts. Actually since couple of weeks I play on Wbaduk (Go server), mainly in the Korean Room 1.

The strength of Korean style….

There one will meet “very aggressive” playing Koreans, so one might define this style coming from Western world (as I do being European). – Watching the first lecture video of [Hyeyeon Cho][1], who is a Korean 9P (professional Dan). – Hyeyeon (aka ‘Miss Cho’) addressed the question: What are your dreams in your (GO) life ? – Where is your happyness fo playing Go ?

Heyeyeon desribes the main feature of Korean Baduk (Go) as: “The will to fight !” (fighting spirit) and herefore urgent the passion for playing Go successfully with this dynamic Korean style, which cares less about the beautyness of shapes on the board.

Watch the video on your own… Miss Cho is very inspiring, and teaching in an excellent English, with lots of humour and fun so it feels for me. – She lets breath one freshly and gives lots of energy, so it happened to me.

Here the link of Video No. 1 (you must login to Wbaduk for getting access. Registration is cost free).

The fully lecture with Miss Cho (more than 70 videos) you find here:

You can get in contact via her LiveJournal (Blog): http://loveku.livejournal.com/
… or her Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/Hylifeproblems

A nice short interview with Cho about her Academy teaching on a US military base…


Feel free to share here about your own happyness and dreams with GO 🙂


About LinuxGooo

I am a real Go Beginner… but I like to learn and have fun with. And I fell in love with playing for influence (mainly San-RenSei fuseki, Cosmic style) as white and black. … 26th Jan 2014 I started on KGS (as 6-7kyu since Sept), another global GO Server on the web. On 4th March 2014 I registrated on OGS (Online Go Server). In July I began to play on Korean servers, on Tygem (10kyu) and on Wbaduk (11kyu). If possible by time, I like to have reviews and analysis of my games, which helps to progress (beside observing/Kibitzing Dan games). – My special thanks go to different KGS teachers/players for audio lectures and individual reviews: Dsaun (N.Y.), Battusai, TapJoshua (4D), Troll (2D), MXHero (5D), Shygost (3D), Mingjiu Jiang (7P)… not to forget all the other KGS players who offered me their knowledge and shared their personal experiences. My special tks go to Dsaun for his audio lecture “Shape” (on 22nd Febr 2014) which was the first step into a systemtical learning. Currently I study with www.321go.org and with the first GO book: “Graded Go Problems for Beginners” (Vol. 1-4) by Kano Yoshinori. Volume 1: Introductory Problems Volume 2: Elementary Problems VOlume 3: Intermediate Problems Volume 4: Advanced Problems For individual “offline training” I experimented with and use different bot programmes: Aya 6.34 (1k), Oakfoam GNU Go 3.8 and Zenith 4.4. better known as Zen (5k-5D) (Rec.: Running these bots I use as front end (Goban) Drago.) For editing/rediting SGF files the programme MultiGo 4 is suitable. Have fun behind the board…


One thought on “What are your dreams ? And: Where is your Happyness playing GO ?

  1. Just got the invitation by Hyeyeon for her new FB page… “Baduk Classic”.

    Its about the book series “Baduk Classic : The Profound and Mysterious” (Volume 1-4). Originally it was written between 1347 and 1349, during Yuan dynasty about “life and death” situatoins. Now its translated and revised by 9PDan Korean Cho Hyeyeon and being published in 2014.

    **Where to buy?**

    1. badukTV Gmarket Global minishop : anywhere

    2. In America: Shawn Ray (who is studying Baduk in Korea) will help you. Visit his page: [Clossius’s Go Group][1] or @레이슌

    3. In Korea: [BadukTV Gmarket minishop][2] or go to Hankook kiwon store.(02-2291-1912)

    [1]: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Clossiuss-Go-Group/321708214633086
    [2]: http://item2.gmarket.co.kr/Item/detailview/Item.aspx?goodscode=574257846&pos_class_cd=111111111&pos_class_kind=T&pos_shop_cd=SH&keyword_order=baduk%20classic&keyword_seqno=5333352910&search_keyword=baduk%20classic


    Posted by LinuxGooo | October 20, 2014, 5:04 pm

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