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CHINA sets up GO for regular curriculum in elementary schools

just came in this news…. CHINA will setup GO as part of regular curriculum in elementary schools….


On 30th of May, high officials from Beijing, China Baduk Associaiton and Mind sports association gathered and announced all 6 Mind Sports Games became a regular subject in elementary school in China.

Beijing would let all 1~3 grade of elementary students to learn Baduk 12 times in a semester and China Baduk Association tests it after that.

China Baduk Association’s goal is to make 30 million Children Baduk people. To do that, they would enlarge their activities in the future. Many wins in the world championships is helping them to boost Baduk popularity.

To become a regular subject is all three countries’ goal from the past.

In Korea, there are two universities which have Baduk departments and Baduk high school in Jeonlanamdo province. And Baduk academy’s activity after school time is developing very fast.

In Japan, Japan Baduk Association dispatches pro players to 30 schools to teach Baduk to more than 6,000 students. But its activity has limitation in middle and high school as all students are busy in studying other subjects.

The head of state of China Xi Jinfing was very proud of how China Baduk improved with ChangHao 9Dan when Xi Jinfing met with Park GeonHea the president of Korea in the past.

It is pretty well known that Xi Jinfing the head of state of China consider Baduk as an important matter. He once visited and said about the advantages of learning Baduk in the graduation of the university. And he also recommended diplomats to learn Baduk.

As the head of state of China emphasizes Baduks’ importance, it would have a lot of impact in all Baduk campaigns and activities in China.

There would be no detailed progress in making Baduk as a regular subject in Korea. All people who love Baduk are saying that we shouldn’t be rush to handle small problems, instead we should make best systems to Baduk improve further in Korea. We should see the future not the present’s small problems.

(Source: World Internet Baduk – WBaduk (World Baduk Services))



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