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The future of OGS: VOICE Recognition (conceptual idea)

Wouldnt it be great, if you can keep away your hands from the mouse and still playing GO on OGS or any other GO server ? I dont mean a touch screen version for your desktop. More simple it goes from user’s side. – And the technology now is available.

Why not using what we are born with to play GO virtually ? Just taking your voice and we are guided by voice recognition through the menue of OGS’s frontend. You might think, thats impossible… but its not. The future already has begun

No way… since the Google I/O 2014 on Wednesday (25th June) Voice control will help smart phone owners with Android as OS to navigate through their menues while car driving…. (see fully article here: “*Behind The Wheel With Google’s Android Auto*” – http://goo.gl/vCmCBL ). More than 40 of the world leading automative brands have commited to install Google Auto. Its no more prototyping.

Google-IO-Android-Auto-2 (1)
Google-IO-Android-Auto-4 (1)

More, it can attract OGS (or any other GO Server) and the Go game to handicaped people who are blind by accident, illness or birth. You still might think, thats impossible ?

No way… Blind Go players already exist and have lots of fun behind the haptic Go board (see pict).

1459672_544263258984033_125599561_n (1)

So why not creating an interface by “voice control/recognition” as app for OGS to announce the different moves, e.g. move No. 1 – black – coordinate C3, move No. 2 – white – coordinate Q4 etc. …). And the blind player sets all stones on the handicap board so he knows exactly all positions of all moves. Very simple…

Nearby 40 million people are blind worldwide, from 285 million people. 246 have low vision. 82% of people living with blindness are aged 50 and above. (Source: WHO – http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs282/en/ )

Isnt it a positive vision, if (OGS or any other GO server) gives these people access to playing Go online ?


About LinuxGooo

I am a real Go Beginner… but I like to learn and have fun with. And I fell in love with playing for influence (mainly San-RenSei fuseki, Cosmic style) as white and black. … 26th Jan 2014 I started on KGS (as 6-7kyu since Sept), another global GO Server on the web. On 4th March 2014 I registrated on OGS (Online Go Server). In July I began to play on Korean servers, on Tygem (10kyu) and on Wbaduk (11kyu). If possible by time, I like to have reviews and analysis of my games, which helps to progress (beside observing/Kibitzing Dan games). – My special thanks go to different KGS teachers/players for audio lectures and individual reviews: Dsaun (N.Y.), Battusai, TapJoshua (4D), Troll (2D), MXHero (5D), Shygost (3D), Mingjiu Jiang (7P)… not to forget all the other KGS players who offered me their knowledge and shared their personal experiences. My special tks go to Dsaun for his audio lecture “Shape” (on 22nd Febr 2014) which was the first step into a systemtical learning. Currently I study with www.321go.org and with the first GO book: “Graded Go Problems for Beginners” (Vol. 1-4) by Kano Yoshinori. Volume 1: Introductory Problems Volume 2: Elementary Problems VOlume 3: Intermediate Problems Volume 4: Advanced Problems For individual “offline training” I experimented with and use different bot programmes: Aya 6.34 (1k), Oakfoam GNU Go 3.8 and Zenith 4.4. better known as Zen (5k-5D) (Rec.: Running these bots I use as front end (Goban) Drago.) For editing/rediting SGF files the programme MultiGo 4 is suitable. Have fun behind the board…


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